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Khalazdad's Dynasty


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Quite a few moons ago, my Father, Khalazdad spoke of a prophesy concerning him.

[i][center]A dream once spoken
Becomes the token
that buys future action.
A dream I have known
Of a future sown
With a satisfaction.
Three men, I am three
Not one of us free
To pursue bonds of life -
Not a one for me
But this number I see
Taking to me a wife.
One will master me. One will be my equal. The third I shall enslave.
One is the endless day. One is the moon that illuminates only darkness. The third has fallen from the sky.
As Gold shining under the punishing sun, the glint of royal armor atop an enemy chariot, a javelin in each hand.
As Silver under the moon, an act of faith, a deadly flower.
As Steel at twilight, whisper-quiet, a wizening at hand.
Three children they will bear. One will live, one will die, and one will have never been at all.[/center][/i]

The future was written. Thus, Falen Angel, Siala Lone Wolf and Kittiness became his wives.

Khalazdad adopted three kids (whether we are the ones the phophesy speaks about that is up to you to decide) as his spiritual children. Those children were taught the ways of the Desert and were assigned to pass it to the Necrovion people.

First two sons: Marvolo whose title is Prince of the Sands and MalichiW who unfortunatelyin the end life took him away.
And last a daughter: Peace (back then still with the name DarkPriestess) to who he gave the title as Princess of the Evening Blue Sky.

For those who wish to know: Siala Lone Wolf and Kittiness are currently pregnant with the heirs of Khalazdad (if they will be ever part of MD outside roleplaying that is still unknown). Siala carries a girl who will come to this world by the name Boudica and Kittiness is expecting a baby boy whose name will be Rask.

As for the third child of the prophesy, Kittiness was carrying twins in the beginning until Falen Angel saw in a vision that one of the twins was dead already.

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