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[Necrovion]Falen Angel

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In the beginning, Falen Angel was a member of the Elite Guard of the Deity in the Heavens. Fighting Evil or as most would say, the Darkness, was her main role. A thought entered her mind, that spread like Fog. Why is Light always right and is Darkness truly Evil? After research in the Archives and being rebuffed by Superiors, Falen was summoned to the Hall of the Deity. Instead of being rebuked as she believed, the Deity was Ecstatic that yet again, one of His/Her children questioned the status quo. The floor of the Hall became as glass and the Deity showed Falen Angel the world of Magic Duel and told her that there she would find her answers.

Suddenly the Deity changed form and to Falen Angels shock, the Deity became a Dark Lord and He Seized her into his arms. The Dark Lord told her that Light never stands alone, that Dark stands beside it but that she would not understand until she became dark and learned for herself.

The Dark Lord gave her a Kiss of Darkness and her formed was changed. Golden locks of hair became Raven Black and skin smooth as Peaches and Cream became like Ash. Wings of White became balanced and Dark feathers were mixed with White Ones. Manicured nails became black as pitch. Then the true Horror began for Falen Angel.

The Deity removed his Mark from her, stripping her Angelic Powers from her Dark Form. I send you to the world of Magic Duel! Learn the ways of Darkness! Embrace it! The Deity Laughed Evily. Many will claim you as Mate! Falen interrupted. I claimed none here, why would I claim a mortal. More Evil Laughter rung out. Who said He would be Mortal? Thus Falen Angel found herself tossed out of the Heavens

Another Angel, MalichiW, found Falen and tried to claim her as his own. However, a Dark King saw Falen Angel. Khalazdad the Black, the Leader of the Sentinels of Necrovion had a prophecy, and he claimed Falen Angel as FirstWife.
And thus began the Life of Falen Angel in the World of Magic Duel.

Now Khalazdad is gone from the realm. SecondWife Siala Lone Wolf and ThirdWife Kittiness have born the Heirs of Necrovion. Falen now seeks a new purpose and has found one. A Gathering of Angels!
*subject to editing by Falen Angel and Khaladad*

Edited by Shadowseeker
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