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When Wodin left.


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[b]This is my story of when Master Wodin left the allaince[/b]

I was not happy when master Wodin left us and things got as unstable as they did I fear, for war is coming and this is not a good thing, there will be many life’s lost and right now there is nothing that can be done as of yet to stop it. I am how ever more determined to get back into Golemus I will not give up on what I have planned to do.

I will create my amulet and I will find a new source of power to aid in the coming war. I prefer if the war was not to happen but if our new leader decides it is time for war then it is time for war. I do miss my good friend and great leader Wodin, Once I get back into Golemus I will go to his place of rest I want to see if there is anything I can find that might help me and my fellow alliance friends, we have taken a big loss here and we are grieving.

I fear it will take time for us all to adjust to this. I am now more determent to complete my goal to become a TechnoMage as this is something master Wodin wanted to see me achieve. Now as it is I am again locked out of Golemus as I had only a one time trip I seek to find my way back in again I have seen a place in Golemus I wish to use for a lab and experiments but until I can get a lab I can’t build.

I have become Leader of the GG alliance. And through this I have received a scroll from the archives. I could not believe what it was when I had seen it. Is this true? Can it be? Off I went to the Road of Battle, This is where I sat and concentrated some feared what I was doing they thought it would require a sacrifice but I had already known that it would not.

After many days I succeeded in my task I was able to call him back, Master Wodin lived again. But he was not all himself he was week and forgot much, he had also lost much of his hate for the shades. But that didn’t matter he was back and he could lead again. I was ready to hand the leadership back, but Wodin would not accept it. He said that his departing left too much of a big gap in the alliance and that it needed a strong leader to run it. Wodin became the Alliance adviser to the leader of the GG alliance.

It was with this we had our new hope and the alliance proceeded to gain strength and we with the help of many others attacked the leader of the Necro alliance. I will not go into the detail but be assured we were victorious.

After that Wodin’s hate for the Shades had almost gone but we learned a very big lesson that day. While we had worked out our planes we all the main alliances got taken over but some unknown guild and help them ransom. This again I will not go into details but you can read about them in the archives.

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