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Kragel's Creature Auction


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The following creatures are for sale via silent auction. Pm me with your bids, if you are bidding on more than one creature send all bids in one pm with the creatures name and age (at time of post) then the coin you offer on the next line the following creature and its bid and so on ...

once reserve is met the current bid will be placed on the list this auction will run for 1 week. coins only silver and gold will be accepted.
Once the winning bid has been accepted you have to pay with in 24 hours or it will be offered to the next highest bidder.
Gold exchange rate: 15 silver = 1 gold

Pimped G Age 271
Pimped G Age 200
Pimped G Age 192

IMP Age 123
IMP Age 98
IMP Age 96
IMP Age 85
IMP Age 79

Joker Age 98

T Soul Age 54 current bid 1 gold coin

Joker Age 23 [stardust]

Pimp G Age 138 [blooddrop2][blackdiamonds]

Pimp G Age 97 [emeraldglare]

Grasan Age 75 [blooddrop2]

Remains Age 28 [claw1]

T Soul Age 55 [stardust]

all bids are taken in PM only no bids placed here will be acknowledged.

Teh Metal Mage

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as far as we know for now that is correct

tokens adapt to the person who the creature is traded to

this is very good tho cause you can get the tokens that help your principles best this way when trading

so make sure you look at your principles and the tokens before bidding to make sure the tokens will help you best with the principles you have

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