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Significance of the Ash Arch?


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The person who made the game and drawings? :P just popped the answer to my head . If we start to ask questions for each location and start inventing ancient lore were would we be now? In present or past, buried in invented stories just to give an answer?

Yes there are some places that hide answers and clues..but not all, few of them and it seems nobody is looking at those ..you know..you can't see the forest because of the trees.

Disclaimer: i apologize if my answer is rude or hurt feelings, it is not intentioned to do that.

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I understand the desire to create new Lore, but the quote of the Ash Arch specifically says "This place holds a memory".

Perhaps the words that appear at the bottom of the scene as you move from scene to scene should be changed or altered to fit how Magic Duel is currently?

It would take away a lot of the confusion about the MD lore being removed if it was worded differently.

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