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Berserker Puzzle


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[color="#2E8B57"][i]I came across this while researching some stuff...It looks quite similar
to what i had drawn while solving the Beserker puzzle....
Any comments? Ideas? Translations?[/i][/color]


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i saw it while i was looking for something, cant remember how is it called, damn i know i was reading about it a bit those 3 line symbols, cant remember how it is called, bahhh

edit: found it, its called I ching trigrams
solid line is yang and open line is yin

so picture is presenting some kind of balance, on one side lets say at the top is trigram with all yang, so at bottom is trigram of all yin

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[color="#2E8B57"][i]hmmm so according to the link, the numerology involved in this diagram is quite significant. The first mention of binary numbers and its relative value to the elements. Of course due to the nature of this game and the puzzle, not many folk would have been able to solve Beserkers Puzzle, had it been laid out in true chinese fashion.

However since numerals play an important part in solving the puzzle, and seeing (as I've learnt) that nothing is random; is it possible that the numbers that were required to be punched in in the device, were to be "translated" to binary might lead to a clue/answer to the disappearance of the statue in the park? [/i][/color]

[quote]# 易 (yì), while as a verb it implies “to change“ or 'to exchange/substitute one thing for another'.
# 經 (jīng) here means “classic (text)”, derived from its original meaning of “regularity” or “persistency”, implying that the text describes the Ultimate Way which will not change throughout the flow of time.[/quote]
If the puzzle is a Yi-jing based diagram, then we could say that soul(s) trapped inside are there because the owner(s) have substituted or exchanged them for something else? Power perhaps? And seeing that it is the "first quest" we solve it could suggest that although we take various paths on the quest, our ultimate path (to whatever, whereever) will remain the same?[/i][/color]

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