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Submissions for Webcam Ads for Magic Duel


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This is the new thread for submissions of players self made videos about the World of Magic Duel. I have a aging Angien Egg for the winner and I believe Mur Himself said he will add a Rusty. {May his name always be red}

<b>If you have comments about the videos submitted here PLEASE PM the player instead of posting here.</b> All Offtopic chat will be removed by our roaming Administrators I am sure.

So far there is no time limit on this contest. However, that could change if suddenly there is an influx of submissions.

What I am looking for is screen shots of SOME scenes in the game. Perhaps of what a battle looks like. Heck, copy n paste some of the avatars and do a finger puppet show! Just make sure you have Magicduel.com in the beginning and end. Just DO!

Wouldn't it be just a pity of the Honorable Mentions won by default? X D

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*roaming mod strikes again and deletes spam about Mur being/not being God*

he has said somewhere that he will add a rusty, i'll see if i can find the post

EDIT: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?s=&showtopic=3153&view=findpost&p=34416"]Found Post[/url]

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Honorable Mention for Zleiphneir but disqualified for template.


(see first Thread)

Warning: Go Pee first. Rated: LMFAO

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' post='34871' date='Jun 25 2009, 01:13 PM']Uh..interesting. Still, what sorta webcam ad, wouldn't a commercial spot be more effective then?[/quote]

What I am looking for is home made youtube stuff. Get your friends together, maybe screen shots of the MD Game. Entertaining ones, informative ones, flippage ones. Be creative! Don't forget to put Magicduel.com in it somewhere.

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[quote name='Death Bell' post='35132' date='Jun 27 2009, 09:06 AM']is this any good?

Honorable Mention. I did say in the beginning, I wanted home made videos. Anyone can use a template. I know we have creative genius's out there and actors and artists. Your movie was cute but it went too fast and everything in there is not in MagicDuel. New players will be expecting what they saw in your short.

Good Try!

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