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[Necrovion]Willem Redbeard

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I am an Acolyte of the Necrovion Sentinels, I am the flail, not the hand that wields it.

I came to these lands with nothing more than the clothes on my back and the sparse contents of my pack. With a resolute smile and open curiousity, I began to explore and learn. I saw mighty warriors, strange creatures, many mysteries, and powerful magics. With a ravenous hunger, I learned what I could and trained in combat.

Now, many months later, what have I become? Perhaps this is a question best answered by other people, because as much as I have learned and as strong as I have become, I still feel that there are just as many mysteries left to explore, so much left to learn, and years of training remaining. To me, the adventure is always fresh, and standing next to the Legendary names, I am still the young man wearing boots that are too large for him. Ever I will strive to correct my past mistakes and find the path to balance. If you find me, I'll greet you with a smile and ask how I can help; that's just what I do.

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stormrunner: oh look, a god of pizza
Kittiness: that god, I would worship :)
Willem RedBeard: I would eat him... unless he constantly made me pizza.
stormrunner: that god, I would make my cook *laughs*
Willem RedBeard: Mmmm food...
: Kittiness is reminded of Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs
: Willem RedBeard laughs as he thinks the same
: Kittiness loves that movie :)
stormrunner: hmm, how big of a ego do you need to think about making a god wrk for you
: stormrunner owns said moive and enjoys it
Kittiness: but he is only the god of pizza...
Kittiness: his omnipotence extends only as far as all things pizza
stormrunner: good point
Willem RedBeard: mmm pizza...
: Willem RedBeard salivates

this says much about my minion... I mean student :P

[color="purple"]INSERT: To save spam post, Spaceballs is an awesome movie :D - Grido[/color]

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