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Champion's Challenge

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and to extent that, the area 'Champion's Challenge' itself will be accessible depending on story choice, the challenge/ puzzle(?) isn't implemented yet, as far as i can tell, nor does the northern way lead anywhere at the moment.

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The above message could have a number of meanings.

1. Is Champions Challenge the same as the other two locations, as in shape/drawing?

No, it is a separate drawing and place.

2. Is Champion's Challenge reached in the same way the other two locations are?

It is reached in the same way as Champion's Dome, but not Sage's Keep which cannot be reached through story mode currently.

3. Is Champion's Challenge reached in the same story thread as the other locations?

As stated above, Sage's Keep can never be reached through story mode, however the other two can be unlocked by one person. Alternately one person can unlock only Champions Dome or none of the above, but NOT only Champions Challenge.

4. Is Champion's Challenge related to the other two locations?

This I don't know. My inclination is no, not more than in name to Champions Dome.

Is there a meaning I missed?


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