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what do all the lands do? i've been playing for quite a while, but i never have understood the lands, like how to get into Loreroot, wich suddenly was closed of by a riddle, how to get into necrovion or how to join a land or an allaince. nothing is explained! sure there may be things i have missed in times of inactivity but nothing makes sense!

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Well, if you try to go to loreroot for eg you find the guards, when you click on them you see that you need to do something, go to paper cabin and find a scroll that will give you information about what to do.

Necrovion is accessible by storyline or when a gatekeeper opens the gates.

You can join an aliance when a leader sends you an invite. Chose 1 alliance that you like and ask around what are the requirements to enter to that aliance.

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