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Recruitment For The Church [Really Really Really Old :p]


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Savelites Church is looking for new members

our current target for recruits are:

communicative players

new monks and pilgrims will be helping new people at Dojo and will be spreading our faith around the realm :D
in time they will progress into monk rankings or develop into a knights of the Church and Loreroot
our goal is to lead the realm into spiritual prosperity, and guard the sacred forests of Loreroot

send me a message in game, i will be probably idle at Fenth's press

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except of the recruitment of pilgrims stated above, and knights who wish to join our cause, i would like to post desired roles of new recruits, who won't connect themselves with preaching

Blacksmither of the Church (should stick around weapon smith or similar locations, in order to craft metal items for Church members)
Tailor of the Church (will weave cloaks for his/her brothers and sisters, tabards for the knights, and similar services)
[s]Scribe of the Church (will help with writing official documents of the Church, agreements, announcements, information posters... etc)[/s] [b]filled by old member[/b]
[s]Bard of the Church (will write hymns for the Church)[/s] [b]Kyphis[/b]

(if anyone wishes to apply to one of the above or other roles the person thinks he/she can help with, message me... i am usually around Paper Cabin)

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