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This section is for the Advertisers to post links to their ads.









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Please do not make new topics for adding 1 link or 2, try to put them in the same topic, try using the edit button.

Thank you
[b]UPDATE: do not erase my posts in were i explain why i merged your posts and how not to post 1 link/post just to get 1 count per post. thank you.

[b]PS: you can lose the moderation right when you spam and erase the comment i explain you spammed..aka you got warned.[/b]

Sorry I didn't realize that I needed to keep this spamming warning thing up, or that I was spamming in the first place, I was just trying to put all the stuff the Advertisers did into the forum, so I will just add links and ads in my original posts? Ok I can do that...thank you it does look nice and neat now!

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