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M B: Lifeline - Seeker Of Knowledge

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Its time to announce a role development now that all the planning has been done. As many of you probably noticed I am a mp6 with over 80 worshipers since some time. I decided to finally go to mp6 planning to become a protector for all those walking the path of knowledge. Everybody who desires better understanding and keeps questioning...
This is a new role I will take because I respect the trait of seeking knowledge. That will be the only requirement to get spell support from me. I have really high briskness and am always at max heat anyway so nobody will have to adept or worship me for this.

But that is not all, those that show potential and are dedicated will be able to join the inner group. People who really actively do researches and seek a better understanding of this realm. Other members of the group and I will share their knowledge with those that are truly worthy. There will be for now an undisclosed ranking system within the group with instructors such as Udgard, yrthilian, Firsanthalas, Tarquinus and Peace. As you can see it will be a completely neutral group open to players from every land, no matter if it is Necrovion or Golemus. I have at least one representative from each of the four main lands available to guide members that take particular interest in one land.

Now let me make this clear it doesnt matter to me if your character tries to spread war or has any ill intentions. This group is for people who seek knowledge and values freedom highly. I mentioned a ranking system within the group already so dont expect to get any valueable information without really showing commitment, involvement and most important a feeling of how to wield the weapon called knowledge. This is not an alliance, wont have a K-Doc and is only meant for a small circle of players who really fit in it. Its purpose is to develop skills and potential that is already there.

If you think I am talking about you here contact me in Magic Duel. But be warned I am deeper in the Lands of the East than the current map allows to freely travel to. Until I come back you will have to find a way to contact me somehow. Everybody who is able to will have a better chance to join.

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This, definitely sounds like something I would want to do.

Are there any requirements?
Any applications that need to be filled out?
Any prerequisites?

I would be more than happy to join this, for I'm a knowledge freak and I want all that I can get, not just within the game, but with certain studies, really.
But anyway! Let me know what's what, and I'll do what I can.

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