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Dimensional Shifters


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[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="6"]The Dimensional Shifters:[/size]
[font="Palatino Linotype"]Members:
[font="Palatino Linotype"]

The Ferryman

Keeper of Harmonies:

Herald of the Ferryman:

Scribe of the Shifters:
(to be recruited)[/font][size="3"][/size]

[size="6"]MISSION OF MEMBERS[/size]

With its homeland in MDA lands, the Dimensional Shifters are a neutral guild with regards to land politics.

The goal will be to work as a team in roles that compliment each other.

As The Ferryman and heart of the guild, simplyzero will continue to offer travel to those who require it and pay the price. He will also assist Ailith in his abilities when serious conflicts occur.

As Keeper of Harmonies, Dayredeemer will be alert to potential threats to the realm as he travels the lands. His priority will be to enable players to fend for themselves, with a focus on teaching self defence as well as other related duties.

As Herald of the Ferryman, asryn will continue the work of the previous members of the guild, in that she will assist simplyzero in the creation and promotion of his quests.

The person who is recruited as Scribe of the Shifters will assist the guild by recording events and threats to the realm. There will be opportunities for the expansion of this role once your commitment is shown.

Those who are interested in the last position, please PM me ingame.

The requirements for recruitment to DS:

1) Should have an established role that involves neutrality, with no continuing affiliation to any particular land or military alliance.
2) Should be MP5, or a longer standing MP4. This shows a commitment to the realm with regards to length of play and activity.
3) Shouldn't have any offences or warnings from RPCs or Mur

Recruitment is strict, due to the limited spaces in the guild and the level of trust required in its members.[/font][/center]

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