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Dessidus Maximus

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Principles are used in the begining for token bonuses ... some tokens give bonuses depending on your principle values and some on principle combination values!

Principles are also used for spell casting. (Inner Circle spells that i know of )

And i do believe principles will have other influences on more advance layer of the game !

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principles used to be defining aspects of your character. read the description of the principles and think about them, which would define your character best.#

also, the principles you need to cast inner magic spells are not set in stone, there are hints and suggestions in the spell documents, but finally it also depends on your personal approach to them.
a prominent example would be braitons drachorn quest, in which an inner magic spell (specifics would be spoilers) has to be cast which can be powered by different principles depending on your interpretation.

and yeah, they are also used to power tokens now, so there are in fact more and less 'useful' principles, at least until the final tweaking/changes.

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