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[size="6"][center]The Tainted
A return and a sacrifice
After releasing herself from the gauntlet at Willow's Walk, Ailith entrapped within her nymphly form the residue of the liquid dust and the remnants of the taint that remained. A being of energy, the crystals that yrthilian prepared for her allowed her to encase the dust, protecting herself from it with the love she has for the realm and the people in it.

Becoming the Transient Watcher, she started to continue her work as peacekeeper and started to try to revive the Dimensional Shifters guild on behalf of Shoeps. The tainted issue was gradually put to the back of her mind and she worked hard.

One day she received a message from mcvitie, representative of the GG alliance stating their intent to attack necrovion and asking if the DS would help. Concerned by this, Ailith replied that she would not and wanted to speak to yrthilian on the matter. He contacted her through otherworldy means and confirmed that he wanted to attack Necrovion.

In an effort to stop this, Ailith approached Jester and asked him to clarify his aggressive announcement. He stated that he wished to improve combat situations and hold agreed alliance versus alliance or one to one combat challenges. He believed this would make the realm more attractive to newcomers as well as helping others to improve their combat skills.

She called a last minute assembly of as many alliance leaders as she could find so that they could talk to each other about this. Hostilities grew and people walked out, still angry about past wars. She then tried to communicate Jester's ideas to yrthilian herself, but he expressed his intent to attack anyway.

Ailith became heartbroken, she foresaw great troubles ahead and went to Loreroot to think. Meeting Firsanthalas, he saw that she was troubled and asked her the matter. She replied that she may have made made the wrong choices and continued on her way. Unbeknownst to Firsanthalas, she was referring to a crisis of faith with regards to her peacemaking.

She walked to Wasp's Totem and dived into the water to seek solace, under the water she thought things through and came back to the shore refreshed. No sooner had she done so did she hear of the invasion of necrovion and the taking of Marvolo as a hostage. Instantly she messaged yrthilian to tell him of her intention to go to the Well of Tears and care for Marvolo. Standing at the Howling Gates she removed her armor and weapons, positioned a tree on defense and went to the well.

There she could not believe her eyes as she realised Marvolo, whose psychological state she had been worried about for some days, had been pushed down the well. As soon as she greeted all, she received a threat:

Liberty:oke... ailith, rules are like this, ya can throw food down the well to marv, but if he escapes regardless if its your fault or not ya get axe on your neck
.Ailith.: *looks at Liberty* I come here in peace, please do not threaten me
Liberty:we came in here in war and we wont tolerate missing prisoners
Death Ring:hehe
.Ailith.:Then you should guard them
Liberty:who says we dont
.Ailith.: *smiles* then there is no problem *looks down the well again* .
Liberty:ya see we dont trust ya much since marv will most likely get executed.... and in war those peace helpers usually help prisoners to escape, so yeah i have prejudices
.Ailith.:I see

Little did she realise but Liberty had sparked an emotion that she rarely felt... anger. Though not apparent at that time, something stirred within her and the barriers around the darkness within were weakening. The longer she stayed and watched the mistreatment and taunting of Marvolo, the more intense this feeling of anger was. She started to feel the defences she put up weaken and wandered around necrovion in a little pain and confusion.

The next day, the pain became worse.. and as she rested under an arch at the House of the Tainted Times, the liquid dust broke free. She was now unable to control her emotions.. the feelings inside her became a reflection of the rage and hatred that was sweeping this part of the realm. That night, as Peace emerged wearing the badge of the Guerrilla Golemicarum, asking for her tree on defence, she did not hesitate to help. With this single action, she realised she was changed forever and took off the badge of the Dimensional Shifters, instantly feeling relief as if a great burden was taken from her.

Another day passed and during this time, Ailith accepted her fate. She asked Jester if she may become a Sentinel and he agreed. With this, she had to make her final sacrifice... she willingly wore the corroded gauntlet once more. Consumed with a mixture of the taint and the liquid dust from the gauntlet, the anger within her grew further.. her emotions enslaving her. She sacrificed so much, yet is not able to feel regret.

While anger remains in the realm, so does hers. When it increases, so does hers. When it subsides, her anger subsides also.

She pledges herself to the land of Necrovion and her sword will always defend it.

Her path now is to research and discover any magicks or secrets that lie in Necrovion, to study and research the shades that she may understand better, to serve and honor her fellow Sentinels.[/size]

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