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Observation Quest


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Hello, I am AkenEX and I have put together a quest, I will be at GOE and will idle there if I am not in.

With the help of Raven as my supporter I have put together an observation quest. There will be three locations and at each loacation the competitors have to make 3 good and abstract observations and have to be made of things most would not notice or connections that can be made with other things. Before the location is given you must report to Raven with the code I will give you after you turn in each observation report and he will ask you a question if you get teh question wrong you will have to take the long road (possible dream) and if not you will be given the next location. I will have all of the details on my hate page on October the 2nd. the contest/quest will end wednesday October the 8th and at that time I will choose the top three observers and the rewards will be given as follows:

1st: Spell doc and 2 silver------Awiiya!

2nd: Spell Doc--------Emerald Arkanix!

3rd: TS and 2 silver--------Czez!

Come Pm me at GOE and I shall give you the first code as soon as possible.

Thank you and good luck,


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err i think raven was pissed at every1 sending him pm (because of two quests) so is there any way to know if he is personally mad at me or just got pissed off due to high number of pm ? should i send the code again to him? for he said the next person to send code will be killed :)

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