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New Leadership


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Ok, so, basically, it looks like this:
Peace gave our Alliance back, and I am leader as far as loyalty goes.
However, the alliance will be ruled by a Triumvirate of Grido, Bunny and me, with Grido doing the diplomacy, Bunny doing military, and me doing the rest (thanks, Bunny =P), which includes recruiting and organization on top of my list right now.

Our target is to form a decent military ally to defend he land when it's needed (DEFEND!), and shelter mages and scientists who want to explore the land of Golemus.

Yrthilian, as our King, has a saying in the alliance, but no seat, since he is above it, technically.
However, his word doesn't count stronger than our three, and if his reasoning fails to convince us...

We will keep out of his business as far as possible, and grant the researchers and mages who learn from him our full support whereever they might need it.

Recruitment is open now, simply find me (usually at PC) and tell me why YOU fit this ally and its purposes, and we'll see if you are good enough ;)

The Bunny, as our military commander, worked out a little system to get our people going and enhance their skills on the fields he wants, as well as on the fields the land needs, details can be found in the next post ^_^

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I'm in charge of the military of the alliance.
While calling me general would be appreciated, calling me the 'little general' will not.

The military distinguishes 5 classes.
Non-military; such as civilians and mages or researchers.
Recruits. These are people in training.
Soldiers. They are finished with training and have to perform their duties and they get paid 2 silver per year.
Officers. They have distinguished themselves and perform duties as well as give orders. They are paid 4 silver per year.
Triumvirate. The leaders, with me being the one who leads it on a fixed basis, but the other two can give orders as well.

To become a recruit, you have to be in the alliance first and you have to have basic knowledge about rituals as well as adequate profile stats.
You will have to vow an oath of fealty to the land of Golemus and swear to protect it.

To become a soldier, you have to have completed your training as a recruit and have a good set of profile stats.

To become an officer, you have to be a warrior of renown as well as expert knowledge of rituals. You also need some experience as a soldier and have excelled at some duties.

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In charge of Diplomacy (plus)
Any inter-alliance stuff speak to me please. Unlinke Bunny, you can call me anything you want to, i just might not respond to some names ^_^

Those that might want to contact me for diplomacy know the things i deal with, so i dont think i need to outline that here.

I would also be treasurer, handling the money to pay the military sector.

Come to me if you have any particular issues as well.

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