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Guerilla Golemicarum

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The GG alliance will be a democratic alliance with meritocratic flavours.

The alliance recognizes two classes.
The Triumvirate; consisting of *Burns*, .Grido. and .Metal Bunny.
The people; consisting of civilians, mages, soldiers and everyone else, as long as they are in the alliance.

The Triumvirate are the caretakers of the alliance. They are charged with the duty of overseeing everyday business and organization. Each member of the Triumvirate has a certain section s/he is responsible for, such as military, research or diplomacy. It is not an elected position. The members of the Triumvirate may step down or bring forth a candidate for the Triumvirate, based purely on meritocratic reasons. But if that candidate becomes a member of the Triumvirate, we’ll probably have to change the name.

The people are just that, the people. They perform their duties, tasks or research. To be invited to the alliance, one has to be a citizen of the land itself and be motivated enough to work in the alliance. To apply, ask one of the Triumvirate. Having people inside the alliance recommending you helps to get you invited.

The democratic aspect of the alliance is simple. Both classes can put forth a call to vote on an issue and the people vote on it. The Triumvirate does not have any votes at all, except when there is a tie.
As such, the people decide the long term purpose and goals of the alliance; whereas the Triumvirate does its best to make sure it is fulfilled and that growth is sustained.

As such, most of the orders, if not all of them, are indirectly from the people. As such, you have to listen to the Triumvirate and follow their orders. If you do not feel comfortable with their orders then you will be warned once and after that kindly asked to leave. If you wish to protest against it, then call for a vote, if there hasn’t been one yet.

The people are also not allowed to invite someone else, but they may recommend someone to the Triumvirate. The people and the triumvirate are allowed to curse and have their own opinion, but should not cross any blatant and obvious lines or use inappropriate language in copious amounts. Cheating or violating any other rule of the realm itself will not be tolerated.

For matters that are greater than the alliance itself, and concern the land as a whole, the voting will be different. The people will still get to vote and the Triumvirate still have to cut the knot when there is a tie, but with matters that concern the land, important dignitaries who are of great influence to the land will have a chance to vote as well.

Currently, the people may call a new vote whenever they want to on a new issue and one on an old issue when there are 7 new/different members or 2 months have passed.

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