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Greetings to all who read this. As a side note please do keep an open mind.

The whole MD experience came to me about month or two in past, when i joined this community. Undergoing some serious tests in my life prior and still active, the time i could spare in this world is scaling. I am spending as much time involved as possible, and to the best of my knowledge. Until this far i could only say it was a rapidly evolving process. That said, i came to a point where my gaming experience was greatly lessened, but even more important my whole involvement could be brought to end. This is mainly but not exclusively due to probable hardware and software issues hopefully on my end (along with personal incapability to resolve them), which lead to browser and cable connection crashes on increased rate. I was told Firefox is the browser the game was built for, but i realized the burning issue after updating previous version to latest available (v3.5.3). My operating system is Mac OS X 10.4.6 on a Intel dualcore 2GHz based Apple laptop. I'm using THOMSON cable modem, flow 1024kbps. Crashes ranged in a number of annoyances, repeated logout timers, missing dialogues and game options, warped parts of screen or text and so on. Due to friendly and cautionary advice from member of the staff, i managed to avoid unintentional IP ban when trying to use another browser/window same character which was my solution for not missing on social part of gameplay. Further on i noticed increased lag or chance to crash when trying/connecting to the site storage.trafic.ro (i am not sure if that's the correct name but i cannot recall more) and in relation to displaying whole 'free credits' page with banners and links, but also sometimes when connecting to main magicduel.com from within game screen (in other words, while in game, clicking on inventory sidebar, returning to scene/compass, entering wind sanctuary and similar). Links in chat to youtube and similar sites gave lag but that was minor easily resolvable issue. Opera has been far worse, and Safari browser is not recommended to even try to use.
Understanding that financial background of the whole project is a serious subject i would like to know all of the solid rules related which are not available to be read ingame. Just recently i (through game announcement's page) realized that there are penalties which will persist for not using bonus codes, for which i would like tad more clarification. Today i had casted just a percent of the votes, as some dropped due to crash before i managed to click. I must underline here that so far i have all the intention of using as many credits as i can get by regular voting over time(to enrich the interface, acquire colored creatures, nice avatar..) and personally i see nice balance between the minimum credit rewards and votes. While some were even punished for not using bonus codes, i would be very grateful for any information on where they could be obtainable. I will remind you i am nearly illiterate hardware/software wise.
Recently MD world gave me something and i decided i am here to stay.The strangest occurrence is that objective problems had increased from then on. I am quite fine on my own, but could take much enjoyment when surrounded with intelligent, good and generally positive people and as i'm battling on i ask for your help in doing so.

Grateful in advance,

- Ivan

PS: If any additional information is needed i am prepared to divulge, both privately or publicly.

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i guess you tried clearing cache and cookies, right? xD

you should also try toying with your adblockers and firewall options, some seem to consider MD spam and block it off...

about the punishments, that was for ABusing the bonuslinks, if you actually VOTE when you are asked to vote, nothing will happen to you :)
of course nothing whatsoever happens to you for not clicking the links at all, would be very strange if that occured...
imagine you are on holiday for a week and after that you are on -10 creds for not voting LOL

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