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Time For Chess


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Fee of 1 silver (paid yourself or have another player PM me saying who they paid for) per scheduled chess game, Becuase of time conflict for some players a date must be schedule beforehand (also meaning I will only accept one ingame PM at a time), and of course Be able to login using Yahoo Email for the link below

[i]Yahoo!Games Chess[/i]
Type of Match: 5 minutes initial time with 5 seconds added per move

Place of Match:
Within the Chess Window, click on "Social Tab" and scroll down to "Zebra Cove"
My username in Yahoo! is "[b][i]anh.quang_le@yahoo.com"[/i] [/b]should be near the top of alphabetical player list


[/b][/u]First person to win against me in Chess gets a Santa. If you do better than I expected you also get a joker. Trade value for both is over 100.

That depends on how good you are at Chess. The only way to find out is by playing a match with me. I lose often but I don't always lose.

[b][u]Further Notice:
For entertainment purpose in case any MD players want to watch the chess match, I would like to post the scheduled time of the chess match within this topic. If any challenger wishes me not to post the scheduled time to prevent from lost of concentration during the match, please state so in your PM. A win for a participant will automatically end this contest and be rewarded with Santa and/not Joker. I will try to keep this contest open until someone win. Sign up as many time as you want. But to keep it fair, I hope to play each participant at least once before I play the same participant twice. Either way, first come first play.

[b][u]As a Side Note:
If players show an interest by watching the ongoing Chess match between two MD players, we may do a Chess discussion after the match.

Best of luck to all [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img]
(Participants may find my traces at Beserker Way's Puzzle)

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Pipstickz participated two times Server time: Oct 17 10:54:24

Devilish Smile won the Santa Server time: Oct 17 11:00:44
A second attempt to get Joker but not successful.

This ended much faster than I thought. See you all in the future when I rusty skill is sharpended up. The price and reward may go higher next contest though. Good luck to all. To be continued........

P.S. Please give feedback on about this contest. I want to know whether such a thing will be good for future contests as I plan to promote Chess as a side game within MagicDuel.

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There were lots of viewer during the Chess matches. I believe Chess is popular within MD world. Once I have another reward to give, I will start the sequel to this Chess contest. Also testing on how to make the contest fairer. Such thing as only playing 2 Chess game in a day. Playing too much will be an advantage those participants that play last.

I will be happy to play against you Shadowseeker. If anyone would like to sponsor this contest by providing ideas/rewards or anything that will make this contest more interesting, please be my guest. I am sure there are lots of strong chess players out there in MD.

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