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Spell Contest


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Granos and Me held an impromptu Spell Fight tonight, and we were thinking, why not have a regular one.

The contests will be held the night before the spell counters reset, so you dont have to worry about using them all up :D

So on the 4th and 18th of every month, at 00:00 server time (spells reset on the same day at 07:00), outside Sage's Keep

People will be marked on their inventive titling of their spells(where this can be discovered :P), and how many spells they manage to cast. And the person who gains the most points gains a GG Drachorn with lots of tokens on it.*

[size="1"]Sponsored by G & G Entertainment Ltd.
*This is a lie. Winner won't actually be rewarded anything.
G & G cannot be held liable for any loss of limbs, voice, or basic bodily functions.

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The time is flexible, i just set that time cos it sounds good :P

The only disallowed spells are teleportation ones and ban ones (not that any of you have that spell).

I could arrange a chat log :)

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