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Battle Contest For Mp3

Elthen Airis

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[center][size="5"]-- Attention Mind Power 3 players --[/size][/center]

I'm organizing a battle contest. Before you try to enter the contest please read the rules. If you cover the rules and want to participate i demand that you complete a task for me. After all, every fighter should possess the skills to participate in this contest. This quest will give you this information.
(If you are not covering the rules, you could do the following task only for fun)

- You have to complete a quest to be able to participate. This is no ordinary battle contest.
- [color="#FF0000"]All MP3 accounts allowed[/color]. Since it is quest related i think it would be fair to have it like this.
- No tokens
- Forbidden creatures: Drachorns, Angiens(attention, people who own one can participate, but they cannot use it)
- Each contestant fights each other contestant. You get 2 points for winning killing all of your enemy's creatures, and 1 point for winning without killing all of the creatures.

1st place - Wish Point(sponsored by Yrthilian)
2nd place - Tormented Soul and 2 silver coins(sponsored by Karak)
3rd place - Tormented Soul

More sponsors are accepted. The rewards may become higher.

Quest for participation:
I'm searching for the names of TWO of the characters in the AL story The Golemus Wizard. You must seek a person who will give you the clue to who those two characters might be. You have 3 attempts to answer. You have to answer with both names, single name answer won't be accepted. Answers must be sent to me. If you answer correctly you will receive another clue to continue the quest.

The clue for the person you seek is:

Believe in your dreams and follow your heart,
A person you desire and your quest it may start,
A star that wont die, a name you will find
who acts his passion out loud, and speaks from his mind
Ask him the riddle and be true, you shall see
if your happy and kind, a friend he will be.

Good luck, and be prepared. Please PM me when you have started the quest.

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