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Phantom Orchid's White Service [Record]

Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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I took the liberty to record the events and happenings of the Service. Here they are.
Thank you Orchid for this wonderful service.

Phantom Orchid: Goddess of the Moon , Queen of the night; Keeper of mysteries, Mistress of the tides. You who are ever-changing and yet always constant. Guide me with your wisdom, help me grow with your knowledge,
Phantom Orchid: and hold me in your arms.
: Phantom Orchid lights a white Moon-shaped candle on the south end of the table and reflects upon recent events.
: [Spell] Lunar Introspect
: Phantom Orchid begins to stare into a bowl of water with a lump of salt beside it resting on the west end of the table. In the bowl of water are two winderwild feathers floating, slightly submerged.
Phantom Orchid: *holds the bowl of water to the sky* The moon is the symbol of the mother, watching over us each day and every night. She brings the changing tide and the shifting night, the flow that changes
Phantom Orchid: women's bodies and the passion of lovers to their beloved.
Phantom Orchid: Her wisdom is great and all-knowing / and we honor her might.
Phantom Orchid: Keep your watchful eyes upon us, great mother / until the cycle returns once more,
Phantom Orchid: And bring us to the next full moon / in your love and light.
Phantom Orchid: *picks up and places the dagger's tip in the water* I cleanse thee, O water, and bless thee in the name of the Goddess of the Moon.
Phantom Orchid: *places dagger's tip in the salt* Blessings be upon this salt, in the name of our Lady.
Phantom Orchid: *pours salt into the water and, with the dagger, stirs it around nine times. She then lowers her stone dagger into the bowl of salt-water* Let the blade join the cup in endless blessedness.
: Phantom Orchid picks up the Moon-shaped candle and uses it to ignite a candelabra
: Phantom Orchid walks over to the eastern point of the circle and begins to notice an arc of strong light emanating from the candle on the altar and attaching to the candles in her hand.
Phantom Orchid: Guardians of the East, Beholders of Air, I invite you to join me and bear witness. Welcome!
Phantom Orchid: *Kisses her Fire Orchid Pendant, then places it over her heart.* Sweet Goddess, the gentle breeze is the touch of your loving hand, the wind of storm a reminder of your strength.
Phantom Orchid: The sound of the trees in the wind is your voice, and the fragrance of flowers borne on the wind is your gift of beauty.
Phantom Orchid: *walks to the southern part of the circle* Guardians of the South, Beholders of Fire: Most loved Lady, the light of the candle is a guide along our path leading to you; its warmth the reassurance of
Phantom Orchid: your presence and your love. The light is the knowledge you impart to us, which can survive only in darkness
Phantom Orchid: *walks over to the west* Guardians of the West, Beholders of Water: Lovely One, the quiet pool is the serenity of your being. The vast sea is the sea of your being whence all life came; its waves are
Phantom Orchid: the ebb and flow of the world you rule.
Phantom Orchid: *continues on to the north* Guardians of the North, Beholders of Earth: Goddess of all, the fertility of the earth is a sign of your fertility, whence all life rose. The solidity and permanence of it
Phantom Orchid: are still less than yours. The Earth's fertility feeds our bodies, and your fertility feeds our souls.
Phantom Orchid: *kisses the dagger blade, then holds it over her heart.* Blessed Lady of the Moon, powerful Lord, I invite you to witness these rites which we hold in your honor.
: Phantom Orchid Feels the Goddess energy being drawn into herself as she slowly lowers her arms and returns the dagger to the table.
: Phantom Orchid inhales deeply the poignant fragrance of frankincense and myrrh
Phantom Orchid: *lifts her arms again, holding them out and upwards* Lady of the Moon Puller of seas. We greet your celestial jewel at the waxing of its power, with a ritual in your honor. Lady, you who are known
Phantom Orchid: many names: Aphrodite, Hecate, Diana, Isis and more.
Phantom Orchid: With your servants by your side we give you due honor and invite you to join with us here, your special time.
: Phantom Orchid picks up the dagger and points it towards the bowl on the altar, then notices the energy collecting within herself, flowing through the blade into the bowl.
Phantom Orchid: Great Goddess / Who shines for all / Who flows through all
Phantom Orchid: Light of the world which is yourself / Maiden, Mother and Crone
Phantom Orchid: We invite you to our circle / Touch us, change us, and make us whole.
Phantom Orchid: *passes her hand over the altar bowl, making circles around it - after the ninth circle, says:* I call upon thee, Great Mother of us all, bringer of all fruitfulness, by seed and root, by leaf and
Phantom Orchid: flower and fruit, in the fullness of the Moon do I invoke thee to descend upon the bodies of thy servants and priestesses.
: Phantom Orchid watches as steam begins to magically arise from the bowl; breathes deeply of the steam, then slowly exhales and sends this energy, or prana, outwards
: Phantom Orchid stands before the altar, holding a mirror facing the candles so that it reflects their flames. Keeping the mirror facing the candles, she moves clockwise, slowly, around the alter - watching the reflection bounce off her surroundings.
: Phantom Orchid Gradually increasing her gait, she invokes the Goddess
: Phantom Orchid moving faster and faster, she watches the light shattering the air, cleansing and burning away any and all dis-ease
: Phantom Orchid kneels before the altar, head bowed down. She begins to part her hair at the base of the skull.
Phantom Orchid: takes hold of a silver mirror and holds it from behind so that the Moon candle's light reflects upon the base of her skull*
: Phantom Orchid notices the Goddess emerging from behind, into her own form
: Phantom Orchid walks slowly to the center of the ritual site, near the altar. Looks out upon the crowd, envisioning moonlight blessing each and every being gathered.
: Phantom Orchid begins to breathe slowly and evenly, deep breaths that penetrate her entire body. Moonlight begins to surround her, engulfing her completely. With each exhalation of her breath, some of the essence
: Phantom Orchid of herself leaves her body, and with each inhalation, the light enters her.
Phantom Orchid: * is being filled ever so gently with this beautiful light. This light, which is the presence, the being of the Goddess, is within her as well as without. With each breath, she is no less herself and
Phantom Orchid: more the Goddess. When she is filled with light, filled with the Goddess, the shell of her body fades away.*
Phantom Orchid: * has no body; there is nothing to separate her from the entire being of the Goddess of the Moon. Nothing exists but the being of which she is apart. She has ceased to be a separate entity. She is not
Phantom Orchid: . She is nothing and everything. All that was, that is, and all that will be, she is.*
: Phantom Orchid feels the outer shell of her physical body slowly reforming, becoming solid again. It is being built out of the realm of which she is a part.
: Phantom Orchid Continues with her deep breathing, she sees the moonlight flowing out of her body, as gently and slowly as it entered. As it flows out, there is a difference.
Phantom Orchid: *has become one with the Goddess of the Moon -- her being has changed.As the moonlight flows out of her body, it takes with it a part of that which was herself, now part of the Goddess, and leaves
Phantom Orchid: behind a part of the Goddess, forever now part of her. She becomes herself again, solid, but changed. She is surrounded by the presence of the Goddess of the Moon, which now contains a part of her.*
Phantom Orchid: Great Goddess of the Lunar Light / and Mistress of the Seas
Phantom Orchid: Great Goddess of the Mystic Night / and of the Mysteries
Phantom Orchid: Within this place of candles bright / and with your mirror right
Phantom Orchid: Protect me with your awesome might!
: [Spell] Lunar Protection
: [Spell] Thurisaz gebo, gift of the hunt. - Phantom Orchid
: Phantom Orchid Begins the closing ritual by pinching out the candles one by one, starting with the east
Phantom Orchid: *Faces East, saying:* Guardians of the East, creatures of Air - I do thank you for attending these rites; Hail and farewell.
: Phantom Orchid Draws a banishing pentagram, then kisses the dagger.
: Phantom Orchid Holds dagger in front of her heart
Phantom Orchid: *repeats herself in the south end of the ritual space for the Guardians of Fire, in the west for Guardians of Water, and in the north for the Guardians of the Earth.
: Dark Mystic shifts uneasily
: Dark Mystic shifts uneasily
Phantom Orchid: *finishes, and says:* Lovely Lady, I thank you for attending these rites... All Hail!
Tarquinus: All hail.
: humble suspects Dark Mystic needs to pee
Phantom Orchid: Lady of the Night, I thank you for your presence, now and always. My love and devotion are yours. Blessings. All spirits who have joined may now depart, with my love, and return to your proper places
: Amoran K Kol smiles warmly at Orchid, her skin glowing with pale fire- illuminating the area.
Amoran K Kol: All hail.
Phantom Orchid: The circle is open, yet unbroken.
Phantom Orchid: *reaches into her robes and pulls out a sealed letter* Captain Karak has given this for me to read, it says as follows:
Phantom Orchid: The Moon has long been served by the dedicated and devout. In this realm her place is largely forgotten and many newlings walk the realm without memory of her touching our realm.
Phantom Orchid: A quest has been set forth for all knights of valour and honour to find that which has been hidden from the Sybil, the Goddess's earthly connection, the Moon Chalice.
Phantom Orchid: For the Sybil and her priestesses this chalice holds the key to greater communion with the Goddess.
Phantom Orchid: A short while ago a small portion of wine passed my lips and the Goddess took her avenue to instill in me a vision that continues to haunt me to this day.
Phantom Orchid:There was a crescent moon, a blood-soaked cloth, a dripping blade, an open grave and a stairway. And a command burned into my soul: "Find the key my faithful servant."
: Phantom Orchid looks up at the crowd, then continues
Phantom Orchid: I had begun research and found that a trail leads amongst various figures of the realm and that they are sworn to secrecy unless a particular word is spoken to them by the one fated to find the Chalice
Phantom Orchid: In a fit of the Goddess-knows-what I misplaced my initial notes in the archives and believe a current or former archivist may have scooped them up and held on to them for safe keeping.
Phantom Orchid: . I had labeled the notes: Moon Chalice and they should mention this to the holder to begin.
Phantom Orchid: Strength and honour, Karak
Phantom Orchid: Those who wish to assist us in finding the Moon Chalice, either bow or nod in front of me
: asryn nods
: Mysteria Blue nods
: Kitteh puuurs
: humble nods
Azrael Dark: sounds like a worthy venture *nods*
: Rhah de la Rey bows
: Iskra bows
: Phantom Orchid walks over and once touches the faces of each questor
asryn: May I ask...is it your intention that we all work together in pursuit of the chalice? Or that we each venture out on our own to follow where your words lead us?
Phantom Orchid: May the Goddess forever guide and protect you. You are blessed
: Kitteh leans into the touch
: Gremlin smiles warmly
: Iskra closes her eyes respectfully at the blessing
: Mysteria Blue smiles at the blessing
: Rhah de la Rey looks shaken
: Azrael Dark accepts the blessing carefully
Phantom Orchid: *bows before Dark Mystic* O Holy Sibyl, I thank thee for your presence
Dark Mystic: I thank you for your faithful service Orchid
Dark Mystic: I am honored to have you as a priestess
Phantom Orchid: We are blessed, indeed.
Gremlin: *nods and smiles warmly to Orchid* wounderful service priestess...twas quite moving
: [Spell] Days beneath a shaded willow under a clouded sky, time moves in circles.
: Phantom Orchid looks upwards as the rain falls upon her face
: Amoran K Kol smiles and closes her eyes, raising her face to the sky as the rain drenches the land.
: Iskra smiles and watches the earth soak up the tear of the sky and drench its thirst
: Kitteh tries to dodge the raindrops
: asryn watches the water soaking into the land and smiles
: Dark Mystic bows her head as the rain soaks her
: Iskra props up her Amaror's sheild for Ketteh to hide under
: Gremlin looks up to the sky deep in thought as the rain floods his body
: Azrael Dark pays no heed to the rain
: Kitteh gladly takes shelter under the shield and puurs happiliy
: Mysteria Blue relaxes in the rain

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