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Hello, All

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Well, I'm new here, obviously. So far, I've been intrigued by what I've seen. I really like the art style and story-telling mechanic. What really impressed me was the in-game RP. My first 10 minutes into the game I stumbled across Peace, Queen of Necrovia, discoursing about how "The Sun is no god." I was fascinated by the exchange between her and another player. I was even more delighted when I noticed they were discussing the real-life creator (Mur) as an in-game god. It was highly entertaining.

I think I'll enjoy it here.

As to myself, my character is Dienekes (old habit, used the name all over the for well over a decade, now). Not a tall man, Dienekes is obviously fit with the firm body tone and the subtle weathering of a man who either works out of doors or spends most of his time traveling. His eyes are a dark blue and his hair is black as jet. While quite physically attractive, he might cut a more impressive figure if he didn't look quite so ratty. His clothes are good but worn, his hair always a little mussed, and he often seems tired.

Dienekes is first and foremost a man of experiences. Born to a merchant family he had neither the limitations of the plebes, nor the wealth of the powerful. Dienekes was born with just enough opportunity to make his own way in the world and natural potential to match. He was quick and inquisitive as a boy, smart and bold (perhaps too bold) as a teenager, and he is crafty and cultured as a man. He is ever seeking new sights, tastes, thrills, and learning. He is a learned man, a magister of many studies. He has drifted from city to city, library to library, amusement to amusement since his mid-teens. He is, without a doubt bohemian. He loves fine wine and food, art, music, debate, books, and most all, the charms of women. Dienekes puts forth an air of "what you see is what you get" and that is mostly true. His bohemian nature is clear to all, but the less flamboyant aspects of just such a personality are his true strengths, odious as his tastes and pretension can sometimes be. Like most of his kind, he is quick to make friends, unassuming of hosts, always willing to offer his skills and knowledge in trade, and loyal to those that accept him. He is a good man to travel with, to fight with, and to drink with. His wide experience has made him streetwise, insightful, and a good listener. He's always willing to share a drink or a meal and offer his counsel. Dienekes does not describe himself as a follower of any gods. He would much rather describe himself as a devotee of ideals and not ideals after the fashion of "right" and "wrong". Rather, ideals after the fashion of "the ideal." Dienekes constantly searches for the ideal wine, the ideal, piece of music, the ideal taste or sensation, even the ideal opponent. He believes strongly that there are times when such ideas as "good" and "evil" serve people well and times when he must act according to one definition or the other. However, he understands that in life he needs to be above such "creeds". Dienekes consciously places himself outside of the interplay between those ideas, but is open and friendly to anyone but the fanatics in either camp.

That's the character development, for now. Any words of wisdom for the new guy?

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Hello again Dienekes. Shadowseeker did give you a rather good advise, considering that we have an economy in the realm among others.

The only advise I can offer you from now is too hold whatever you are taught, search and learn by yourself and be patient.

Good luck on your journeys here.

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Welcome Dienekes, that was a very good introduction. I wish you all the best and I guarantee you, you won't regret your affiliation to the realm. This is a very unique and intellectual game, or I must say, a virtual challenge of life.

Nourish your character into your own wisdom and you will succeed. ;)

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Thanks, everyone for the advice and the praise. I appreciate it. It's really very refreshing to find a game where people are actually friendly.

One quick question: where and how does one trade? I haven't seemed to find a place or a button for that. Please enlighten me. In some ways, I am very much like my character. I love to learn and am eager for all I can get ;)

Have a good one. Hope to see you all in-game, soon.

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