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Illusion Using Creatures.

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well I have been thinking, and because I'm not very good at this i tought I share my mind...

What about Illusion using creatures..? as on often find himself dicieving his foes and making them fight among friends. it also often happends in our toughts and feelings, trying to make someone doubt theirself and deny their trough personality.

I tought of the idea, to let someone have creatures, wich where not fighting. but trying to set up animies, by making them to confused to attack, or fight among themself, or to hurt himself or whats o ever ...

do I find any roots for my idea, or does everyone thing this is nog what where searching for? If i find more people who like the idea I would like working on it, myself for as far as I am capeable.

greetings, Orlando.

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That is a very good idea; Misdirection is everything, or as i like to put it "perception is reality"

You could have several different types. It could confuse its friends with attackers and end up hitting it self or creatures in the same ritual. You could also have healers healing you instead of those they are supposed to heal.

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well as far As I tought.., wich isen't far. I tought of this:

perhaps a possibility to chose more than 1 direction with 1 starting creature? I tought I have seen it before and gives you more influed to you creatures. as most people use to mischief people, they can change my trying it to help themself or to torture others, wich is chosen aftherwards. The first should have weak abilities, but usefull on the other way. like perhaps making an enemie inable to attack for 1 turn? (or does this look to much as freezing)

and perhaps indeed in the way of an aura, and having the oppertunity to fail. as sometimes we strugle into our own doom by our decieving, that we end up hurting our self( sort like using our abilities on our own enemies?

We could break it up in two fronts, a Good & Evil one. the evil one tries to damage his enemies as much as he can and letting them hurt eachother, the other tries to make the enemies inable to attack. this make the second weaker, but you could also give him than the ability to heal the illusions of the Evil one, making it to opposites.

how for that part? does anyone by the way knows how this should look like?
and If you don't like the adding, please give in your own idea's, for this should be a creature we can all look at in a good mood.

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