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Enemies Of The Caretakers


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[center][size=4]Here is the official decree of enemies of the Caretakers. Those who seek the destruction, or inflict crimes upon the alliance will be posted here. Once you have proven yourself to be against the Caretakers there is no going back. You will be convicted of Treason, a crime punishable by death. The Lands of the East are precious to us, therefore, all acts of violence against the land itself will also justify your name being put up here. Take heed those who wish to see my land and alliance harmed. You shall have no safe place when you walk in the lands. No corner where the shadows of my alliance will not stalk you. Know this and be respectful, and your name will never reach these pages.[/size][/center]

Cryxus- For the attempt at overtaking the alliance to best suit his needs. A Traitor to the cause, in hopes of gaining his own alliance. Whispers in the ears of those who will listen. Your comments will fall upon deaf ears in this alliance, and you will find that none of us dedicated to the cause will let you bring harm upon what we work for. Tread carefully upon the Lands of the East for we wait in the shadows.

Talos Salvorite- For the attempted aid of Cryxus. Due to multiple personalities. Within a day after gaining my trust and being accepted into the alliance, attempted to invite Cryxus so that he could take over as leader. He was specifically told that only the leader of the alliance was to invite anyone, as all members are told, and betrayed his word. He has since then been expelled from the alliance and is classified as a Traitor. To the Talos I spoke with in the beginning it is sad to see it come to this. TO the Talos to tried to aid in Cryxus mission, tread carefully upon the Lands of the East for we wait in the shadows.

Assira the Black- For the aid in the takeover of the alliance. Held onto the alliance for a short while before it was taken back by its rightful owner. She is hereby branded a traitor and to be treated as such. Trad Carefully upon the Lands of the East for we wait in the shadows.

The Silencer- PoB Act enabled. Now an enemy of Tree and Caretakers.

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