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Paper Shaper October 2009 Winners


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[b][center]We, the Jury Members, proudly present you the winners of the second Paper Shaper contest.[/center][/b]

[b][size="3"]First place[/size] 179[/b]
++ bard songs (important for a bard/violinist)
+ interesting setup
+ good writing
o clean presentation
- distant past; more recent events?

[b][size="3"]Second place[/size] 165[/b]
+ Good roleplay
+ Integration into MD, balanced
o simple formatting
o story mode is not new, other elements are interesting

[b][size="3"]Third place[/size] 160[/b]
*Indiria Serenias*
+ Very emotional
+ consistent poetry and pictures
+ interesting story and possibilities
- future plans?

Congratulations to the winners. Your prices will be distributed asap. People who want to know their scores and the full comments can pm, I will try and answer within 24h. The above comments are only a very short summary. Also note that there is no use in comparing the final scores with previous contest, since we changed the score system a little (this version has a maximum of 260, last one 88). Furthermore I apologize for the delay, we experienced some technical difficulties.

Many thanks to our sponsor Grido (and Blackwood Forest), our inspiration Kriskah Arcanu, our fans and all participants! And also my fellow jury members; it has been a lot more chaotic than it should have been, but we got through it :D

Please keep in mind that this thread is meant for victory shouts, not comments on the organisation, use the meta thread for that.

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Congratulations to everyone that won! A HUGE thank you goes to Kafuuka for setting this whole thing up and to everyone involved in making it work! The time delay was nothing so yeah, no hard feelings :D

EDIT: By the way... I like keeping it simple ^^

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