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I'm Lerya and I'm new in MD.
I'm Marvolo's girlfriend in real life.

[i]*Marvolo steal the keyboard*
Since SHE *Points to the text above* is inspirationless, I'll take over.

Well, I am trying to get her addicted to MD (HELP ME PLEASE)
(So Im not the only one who gets grounded from computer cause of beeing to much online >.<)


1. She's a great girl
2. Help her out when she yells
3. ... Shes insane, already >.<
(She didnt like I said that xD

Anyways, I'll stop here.. Since Im not going to rant about her, just go and meet her xD

*Gives keyboard back*[/i]

ok... *hit's Marvolo* thanks, hun...
since I'm really out of insparition... if you wanne know something more, just ask me XD
bye now...

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Ahoy lass, im sure Marv'll show you the ropes well enough, if you need anything at all from me don't be afraid to ask... I'm more than helpful if you aren't afraid to ask and I look forward to meeting you. :(

~Captain Cryxus X'hal

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