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Quest: Creation Of The Artifacts


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this is the first quest of mine, first of the "artifact" series
It is meant more to develop new stories and events for the Savelites Church then to be complicated quest of riddles

depending of the player's actions, he will get his rewards, oh i forgot to mention, for the reward "there can be only one", so there won't be second places or anything like that
it is also open for improvisation, depending of the participant's actions, to form a more realistic events then closed automated quests

at the near start of the quest, there will be one, i can call it filter, when only one player will pass
in order to pass it, among other things player will have to have one available WP for using (after spending it, the player will receive first WP as cover for his expense at that point)

the highest reward for the winner are 2 WPs (as mentioned, 1 is covering the expenses) + possible surprise reward
the lowest reward for the winner is 1 wp + possible surprise reward

since I cannot use clickables, and RPCs are gone so the friend that offered help cannot help me anymore, this will function like this, player will message me, i will send him in a message what "happens" and he should respond to the happenings, and act accordingly depending of the situation, those messages shouldn't be understood as interaction with my character Princ Rhaegar, its just way of quest communicating
since there can be only one, if several players solve the "filter" part, the one who first messages the person who needs to be messaged at that point with finished task, will pass, so hurry up people :)

to start the quest message me in game (no forum messages)
I will be at Raven Hold, idle if not online

good luck ladies and gentlemen :)

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='24 December 2009 - 10:48 AM' timestamp='1261651695' post='50943']
the quest is not yet finished, unless the ones who have advantage at the moment don't finish the quest by Monday, it will recieve small modifications in order to get the quest running

So that means that your "first filter" has already been filled?


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quest is edited slightly!
new ones who wish to start it follow the same rules from the first post of this topic, the ones who already started it before please message me about it, if you haven't been contacted already!

another update: tankfans has passed the "filter" stage, now he gets the chance to get rewarded by another WP (with the one who recieved for expenses)

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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[pardon me for triple posting, moderators, but I just need to refresh the topic so the questers see the info]

quest is in its ending phase, Tankfans has the honor. I thank to all of those who participated, more luck in the next ones

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final post for this topic :)

Tankfans won 2 WPs (1 covering the item making cost)

this quest will start also few other quests (hopefully very soon), of course there will be more parts of the artifact series (but not soon I believe), but also few interesting quests that will be related to the background started in this one.

Once they are all done, they will canonized as part of Savelites Church history :)

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