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The Cursed Books


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Before the era of printing, manuscripts were handwritten, and so few copies existed, helping to explain why so much has been lost. Works which are not referred to by others must, of course, remain unknown and totally forgotten. There are 7 of these books lost in the realm of Magic Duel. Fragments where found but few can understand them. Scholars say this is a history curse on knowledge. It can be very frustrating not to understand what they mean. The few who had found these books say that a curse protects the knowledge hidden in them. It is also said that a great reward will be given to the one who can gather them all. Who will find them all ?

- this quest will be up for only one week ( possibly more if i don't get the answer in time ...but don't count on it)
- the winner has to name all 7 books in max 7 days ( starting from now)
- there will be 2 WP given to the first 2 players who give all the correct answers
- in case that nobody finds all the 7 books in time i will consider correct the first best answer but there will be only one winner
- to start the quest PM me in game

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Firs winner is Emerald Arcanix

...but since he was the only one who gave the correct answer I decide to let you continue for 3 more days .... So first correct answer given in the next 3 days will receive the 2nd WP

Good luck

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