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Masterb's Quests


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[size="4"]Greetings everybody ... welcome to my first major made quest in the MD world![/size]



1. To begin, you'll have to contact me ( in the same location I am , not only PM ) make me notice you
and send me a message about your desire to begin the quest.

2. You'll then have to complete 3 stages. Once you think you have the correct answer you'll have
to redoo step 1. and send me a PM with the stage number and the answer. I'll update your public log to
keep track of your achievments.
You'll have a certain amount of tries to each one of them. You'll be told how many before each stage.

3. If you deplete all your tries at that certain step you will have to buy your ticket to start that
step all over again. You can only buy a ticket TWICE. Buying a ticket will Shift your Hint level to a
better quality one. ( example: You deplete all your tries by answering WRONG each time. You buy
yourself a ticket to start all over again. If you buy a level 0 Hint you will now recieve a level 1 one)
(Only if assuming nobody wins it I'll get the Top 3 by taking in consideration how far and
close you've come 2 the end but the rewards will be less)

But to be sure we have plenty of winners I have put up a HINT part of the quest:
4. You are allowed to buy ONLY two hints per stage! You are allowed to use a method ONLY once!

[font="Arial Black"](click here)

5. Cheaters will be desqulified. To reduce the the chances of this you must proove you have found
the correct answer by yourself by explaining to me how you did it ( more details through PM ).

6. Do not disclose any info recieved from the memebrs part of this quest to ANYONE! Or you do get desquialifierd.

7. The first 3 persons that ( are allowed to do so and ) give me the correct answer to stage 3
Get the 3 bigest prizes. The others will get rewards based on the amount of riches gathered from
the hint section or sponsors IF there are any :)).

8. If there are any doubts about the rules on this page please message me at any time.

First prize: 1WP+ Creature + coins.
Second prize: Creature + less coins.
Third prize: Even less coins.
Fourth untill 10th( Maybe less, depending on rewards gathered) place will get one silver coin.

Completed by:
Runner ups:

[size="4"]This is my second major made quest in the MD world ;)[/size]

[size="3"]It was a normal day like any other. A usual day in the cabin and while B wanted to take a pause from all things he stepped outside to smoke his usual nightshade blunt not knowing again somebody messed with his stash and mixed in some necrovion stuff. He again walked back in the cabin going zig-zag twards the chair where Sagey was sitting (pregnant for some who do not know yet). Having no chair to sit on B lost his balance and fell on the cabin's wooden floor cracking his head open again. Sagey invoked her spirit powers to heal him! All good and well but she did not stop there! Indy helping Sagey to take out the darkness brought by that mixed nightshade out of his body. B told them to leave him alone that they do not know what they're doing but with no luck. He then got frozen by Sagey not to interfere with their project anymore and couldn't even help himself. Sagey and Indy were well intentioned and they just wanted 2 help B but they didn't know that Instead of ONLY the nightshade they took something else OUT as well from within him. Nobody knows this and B has been left like a vegetable into this world not seeing , hearing nor feeling ANYTHING. [/size]

Can somebody please help B found out what did he loose from within him and what is the solution for him to become what he once was?
(This is the second QUEST. I need you to send me a message or document containing what you think might have happened to B and what is the solution. The best answer of my pleasing and most interesting one will recieve a WP since it helps develop a character in the MD world. Also sending images for my papers about your explanations will get you more score points. The better details and plausability for the story the better chances you have to win !! P.S. talk to Sagey and Indyra to better understand what happened but keep in mind that they also do NOT know what exactly they did.)


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I am putting a DEADLINE on BOTH QUESTS !
One week AFTER the Lorerootian Festival ends , both quests will END (day 347 19:00 server time!)

Maybe some time pressure may motivate you more !! :)

Good Luck everybody ! :))

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Third Quest:


You will face a series of tasks in order to complete the quest.

Some tasks are easy, some are harder!
You can always use the HINT section if you find your stuck at something.
You can also use the HINT section if you want to advance faster in the

On the last answer of the quest! It is possible to fail it!
If you do ! You'll have the chance to try again by buying one ticket.
First ticket costs 1 silver coin.
If you fail again, you can buy ONLY ONE MORE ticket !
Second ticket costs 3 silver coins.
If you fail the third time, you have failed the quest completely.

The reasons you pick for the last answer only differ the winners.
The actual answer is what makes you fail the quest.
(you'll understand more when you reach that step :blink: )

Almost ALL hints, including the tickets will be inserted into the rewards
of the quest. The first one to finish the quest will receive a WP.
The runnerups will get rewards depending on what is gathered from the
hint section!

To start the quest, either message MasterB ingame, either read his Q page!

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I am announcing a 10 DAY limit on my third QUEST !!! STarting NOW!

( Can a MOD, open my first topic "MasterB's Quests" and merge this one with that one ? )
Thanks :P

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Yes. You can find those in the Q page !

While the quest is running! Once it is finished I only post there a short resume of the quest and the winners and prizes.

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Those things you wiull find out in the quest itself ! There is a stage about fighting in that quest but it's not about your existing creatures! It's only for new obtained ones. But the quest has only 2 days remaining ! It's hard to complete the quest in only 2 days but NOT impossible !

New FUTURE quest !!!!!


General Information

To prevent cheating and abusing i will make this race on LANDS! First land to participate is GG and , yrthilian the king is sponsoring the race. The kings of the other lands can contact me and i can give them more details about how things work if they are willing to sponsor it for their land!

Race requirements

For the first race ( GG race ), the participants must meet this requirements:

1. Be a citisen of Golemus Golemicarum Island !
2. For the time of the race you must NOT be part of any ally !
3. Use of : increased_regeneration from MD shop, spells like teleportation and such are FORBIDDEN !!! Anyone caught will be desquilified.
4. Finish the race within 60minutes from starting time.

Race details:

The participants will have to run around MD public areas ( so yeah, no necro, GG, etc. ) from checkpoint to another. They will find instructions about the next checkpoints in the previous clickable. The starting point is at GoE. The first persons that finish the race within 60 minutes from starting time will get the rewards sponored by Yrthilian. There are traps along the way so not everybody will be able to finish. If there is NO ONE finishing the race within the 60 minutes limit the rewards will be decreased but the winners will be picked on the first came first served basis.

I need all GG citizens to report on this thread when at WHAT hours they want the race to RUN !

I'm available:

from 07.FEB.2010 to 14.FEB.2010 from 09:30 to 11:30 and from 19:30 to 21:30
Please vote here what times you want the race to run !

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[quote name='Grido' date='04 February 2010 - 11:12 AM' timestamp='1265281974' post='53810']
What would the rewards be for the race?

Also to make it fair for people from many time zones, it should be possible to add a start time and then everyone would have their own "race time" based on when they started. That might spread the race out over maybe a day, but otherwise the running would be the same.


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[quote name='Master' date='04 February 2010 - 12:00 PM' timestamp='1265281222' post='53809']

I need all GG citizens to report on this thread when at WHAT hours they want the race to RUN !

I'm available:

from 07.FEB.2010 to 14.FEB.2010 from 09:30 to 11:30 and from 19:30 to 21:30
Please vote here what times you want the race to run !

I would participate Monday or Tuesday evening.

EDIT: exact time: Monday 20:00 Server Time

Nice quest idea :(
Mighty Pirate

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I don't know yet if Yrth wants to make public the rewards or not, BUT I'm afraid that if he does make it public, we might have an AVALANCHE of players barging in the last minute to become GG citisens( If you get my point G :( ). so ... I don't want that.


The time thing is very tricky, since i already said there MIGHT be the possibility of NOBODY finishing in time! Maybe the rewards will dropp because of that ! And plus, I need to monitor the race myself , to prevent cheaters from using illegal stuff! So i need the same time for everybody !

@ Mighty:

I need the EXACT Hours Mighty ! The race lasts only 60 minutes! Please give em SERVER TIMES when you wish to particpiate, not only days !

Thank you !

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  • 2 weeks later...

Since I'm already home i need NEW days and hours:

From 23rd February onwards from 12:00 untill 24:00 I am able to keep an eye on the competition!

For GG players that do NOT want rewards i can make it separate of course at any time but only AFTER the first race is over !

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Actually i need ALL players to have 100 AP and 10 minutes regenreration period ! That means you need to be OUT of ally and not be a practical citizen of GG !

The only reason for the participants to be GG citisens is that king yrthilian is sponsoring the rewards and he said he will only reward GG people ! So That's what i need ! to be a KNOWN citisen of GG but not exactly be one ! That means you must drop out of ally ! Citisenship is dropped automatically together with the ally !

Oh, and the race will probably take place [font="Arial Black"][size="7"]later[/size][/font] .. when MORE people will join it ( 6 people is still a few i believe )!

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Ok, judgeing from all your posts is it ok if the race takes place
[size="7"][font="Arial Black"]MONDAY 01.MARCH.2010 from 21:00 to 22:00[/font][/size]?

So, does everyone agree with this time ?

Ok, so far I have signed-UP:

Grido,Shadowseeker,Yoshi,Dmik King,*Indyra Sirenias*

I'm still w8ing for mcvitie to DROP citisenship and for stavaroiu to confirm he can attend to sign them up as well !

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