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Application For Marind Bell Citizenship


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since the MB election finished more than a week already passed. i have been waiting for the citizenship feature to start all the plans i had. i realized that waiting will do no good and that i already have everything needed to decide who is citizen of Marind Bell. i dont have to wait for a new feature to start this so i will do it with what i have right now:

everybody who considers him/herself citizen of Marind Bell please send me a pm ingame (i will be at the marble dale park) or on forums. give me a few reasons why u feel Marind Bell is ur homeland, what it means to u, why u want to become citizen of it, and anything else u can think of that could be needed for a future citizen. i will read the pms and evaluate them. i will then post an UNOFFICIAL list of Marind Bell citizen in my alliance papers. since the not implemented feature wasnt used this isnt forcing u to anything. if citizenship will involve anything u dont like later on when the feature gets implemented u are free not to apply and not be a citizen.
so again this is UNOFFICIAL and once the citizenship gets implemented u have to apply again to certify the process(just telling me u were accepted earlier will be enough then). only when u use the real feature u will be bound to the citizenship.

everybody who ever wants to be recruited into one of the Marind Bell alliances will naturally have to be a citizen. Marind Bell is not for mercenaries. so if u are interested in joining one of the alliance see this as a first step.

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Citizens of Marind Bell will be part of a friendly community. It will help you grow in any ways possible, from combat related advice (info about crits, strategy, rituals, help with exp, wins, losses, ect), to knowledge lessons(learning about many aspects of MD, sharing opinions, opportunities to do research as a team or alone, ect). Citizen will also have the opportunity to create quests rewarded with wishpoints sponsored by the king. Any quality events made by roleplayers will be rewarded and creative thinking will always be encouraged.

yes! first double post awesome :o

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Lifeline, my application got rejected because you say i stated no reason
but the application form is buggy
i sent an application form with a very long reasons list
and then when i click submit application
my message just disappeared and idk if it got sent or not since there was no confirmation

so how can i apply if application form won't send my messages?

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