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Puzzling Puzzles For Genius


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[b]Requirement:[/b] Able to pay 2 silvers (50% of the total silvers will be added to the reward)

[b]Reward:[/b] Starting at 10 silvers & 1/2 of total silvers payed by participants.

[b]Method:[/b] Find me in game to receive a PM containing the puzzle. You must reply back the answer and how you solve the puzzle within the next 3 hours.

1) 3 hours time limit is restrictly enforced to keep a standard as well as to prevent participants from getting help.
2) All puzzles are different not only in the value but also the method of solving it. Answer without how you solve the puzzle is not acceptable.

If anyone has any opinion on this quest, I would very much love to hear it. I intend to amend some part of this quest such as the requirement or method base on the opinions I get. So please help make this quest better by providing your opinioin. Thank you :D

P.S. Expect the quest to start some time next week. So keep me in contact if you want to participate.

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