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[size="3"]Technicalities and Explanations:[/size]

i decided to finally release the quest, since "completing" it as originally planned would mean writing half a novel of narrative and double the amount of tasks. i guess neither you nor i have that much time :) instead it will be a potentially short, potentially different kind of quest.

while the tasks themself are classic, the narrative is sorta unusual and breaks with most paradigms. bear with it (you might actually enjoy it). while most ideas are mundane or even banal, they might spark some interesting trains of thought if you let them.

if you think you have a good reason, you may converse with your "inner voice" (sending me a pm about a particular thought in this quest), potentially altering your journey completely.

if you see something like (3/4/5) those values are for mp3 / mp4 / mp5 respectively.

its not a first in = first win quest. you will have enough time to think, no need to rush. try to follow the path of kings if you can, even if it's just for a few steps.

Common Sense:[/size]

you may participate with one account per player.
if you are asked to help, please give very enigmatic hints or none at all.

[size="3"]WP distribution:[/size]

in case of many solvers, steps on the path of kings will determine the WP winners.

PM me ingame to initiate the quest, i can usually be found at Golden Globe Gazebo interior.


[time for searching is simulated by delay. if presented with choices, pm me your choice. you will not have to interact with rp items or to enter remote places]

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since i'm moving and won't have internet for a while, the 3 winners will be announced and rewarded tomorrow. most have waited for quite a long time already, so it wouldn't be fair to postpone it further.

for all others:
i'll try to find sponsors to award a second batch of WPs (registered for the questmaker quest i.a.) for those who didn't get into the "top 3" / for those close to finishing the quest . i can't promise anything yet, but i'll try my best.

cheers, V

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