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What Is This?


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[quote name='Yoshi' date='16 December 2009 - 10:32 PM' timestamp='1261002763' post='50445']
It's been there since forever. No clue what it does.

Really? lol... I've never noticed it before...

[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='16 December 2009 - 10:33 PM' timestamp='1261002812' post='50446']
now that you mentioned it, I see it as well... they are moving constantly :) interesting observation, but does it have a function or is it merely a design thing?

That's my doubt, if it's meant for something... or just to do endless circles with no purpose... :)

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hehe, you lot really need to be more observant. pay close attention to what happens each time the orange line hits the top of the circle.

make sure to run around a bit, or buy something, or (get) attack(ed) just before though :)

LE: oh and keep your eyes on your ve/vp/ap totals

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What does the regenration counter ORANGE bar have to do with the small clock that xPo has only noticed today ?

I have seen it a LONG time ago ... and still don't know what it does ! And Grido was NOT so clear about it either .

Whena which orange bar reachs what top of which circle ????????

make more sense man ! Not everybody is as skillfull as you :D;)

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mhew... awii goes and messes people's minds XD

red: the bar Awii talked about, which shows when next regen will come in a graphical way instead of just the timer

blue: the thing xPo looks for, and which Grido doesn't want to explain... shame on you, Mr. LHO Commander =P
to relief you from your agony: when it goes to top, AP, VE and VP will be refreshed :D

oh of course... can't use this extension -.-


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Giving you and just refreshing the things you already have is VERY different !

Thanks for the Update Burnsy but i did drag it out of G when i saw him online LOOL!!

But I will add this:

It does NOT always refresh it ! There are times when NOTHING happens when the small orange rotating bar reachs 12 o'clock.
( And yes .... I had Negative VP , NOT maxed VE and NOT maxed AP )

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