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Whats Going On?


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Ok so i dont know if i am missing something really simple.. but im not in skill damage i went idle at GOE i come back at i notice this.

regeneration --0.753
energeticimmun --0.193
tradesense --0.753
briskness --0.433
initiative --0.593
defence --0.593
attack --0.033
power --0.713

Anyone know what the deal is?

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yes, there is a skilldamage stat

Wodin had it for instance, when they attack you they apply skill damage, which means you loose stats, i know of at least one current player who applies skilldamage

LE: i should point out this is one possible explanation, i do not know whether this is the case for you

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It has heppened to me as well. A week ago I woke with negative stats and at least -300K negative value points. Not a big amount but still. My first thought was that I was attacked with regeneration. My second thought was about those lost fights that my creatures survived with negative xp. I can not really explain it in words. Perhaps others who are more proficient at the game mechanics can explain it better.

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