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Wtb Rare Creatures


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I want to buy various of the rarer creatures, these include, but are not limited to;

Shades ('normal')
Tainted Angiens
Shades with Swords
Gg Drachs

PM me what you have and what price you want for it.
Don't be shy, if you're willing to sell, i'm willing to buy.

Oh, as an additional note, i'm also buying items if people want to sell them, i'll buy anything.

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bumpity bump bump

Initial post updated

Bump, please make offers, i'm quite open to them

i'm still wanting to buy creatures....

Merged posts- Fenrir

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using the edit button means that i dont bump the topic, which is the intention of writing a post to bump.....

If you noticed the date stamp on the posts, you'd see there's at least a day between them...which is fine as a bump...

added Morph to creature list

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