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Selling Assorted Crits


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Age is as of Day 8 Year 5

Creatures from MD Shop

Imperial Aramor x2 (Age: 37) -----(Best Offer: 3 SC each by Grim Angel)
[s]Pimped Grasan (Age: 12)[/s] ----------------SOLD
[s]BP Archer (Age: 12)[/s]---------------------SOLD
[s]BP Archwe (Age: 14)[/s]---------------------SOLD
Colored Joker (Age: 21)----(Best Offer: 2 SC by Grim Angel)

Creatures 100+ Age with tokens

Heretic Archer (Age: 119 with Token - Claw I)
Heretic Archer (Age: 119 with Token - Claw II)
Elemental (Age: 119 with Tokens - blackdiamonds & Claw I)
Elemental (Age: 123 with Token - blood Drop II)

Creatures 100+ Age without tokens

Heretic Archer x2 (Age: 119)
Heretic Archer (Age: 136)
[s]Unholy Priest (Age: 123)[/s]----------------SOLD
[s]Elemental (Age: 126)[/s]--------------------SOLD
[s]Grasan x2 (Age: 106)[/s]--------------------SOLD
[s]Grasan (Age: 103)[/s]-----------------------SOLD

Other Crits below 70 Age (with and without tokens)

[s]Elemental x5 (Age: 63)[/s]----------------------SOLD
Grasan x2 (Age: 62)
Knator x2 (Age: 46 with Token - Claw I)
Loor Archer (Age: 46 with Token - antifreeze)
Loor Archer (Age: 45 with Token - Claw II)

Post offers here, PM or in game!

prefers coins.

Updated List!

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