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Wts/t Various Creatures

Phantom Orchid

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I am selling off many of my creatures to raise coin for a big purchase.

Numbers on the left are quantity of creatures; Numbers on right (in parentheses) are respective age(s) of critters.

Accepting offers for any or all, though better deals will be had through large purchases.

Besides coin I am interested in trading for BP Archers.

Bid in forum PM [i]only[/i].


2 Grasans (165, 211)

[s]7[/s] 4 Elementals (90)

[s]13[/s] 8 Heretic Archers (112)

2 Imperial Aramors (15) - current bid 1 gold for both (pending payment - so, +1 gold now and they're yours)

****added**** 2 IMP ARAMORS (281) and (243 w/ Blood Drop 1) *****added*****

[s]3[/s] 2 Unholy Priests (67)

1 Unholy Priest (86)

2 Knators (79)


[edit: All ages now +25 days except for newly added imp. aramors]

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