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[b]Here it is – the one and only Blackwood-movie-contest, another great Blackwood-Contest.

Take your chance, create something big, become a star – yes BE a star!
The maybe most creative contest ever!
And here is your task:

Play a key-scene from your favourite movie! Simple, isn´t it? :P
But be aware, it might be funny, dramatic, horror and/or whatever, but you have to include a small MD joke/gag in it.
It shall be only a short clip, nothing more then a few minutes, I guess a cool scene won´t take more than seconds anyway.
The spoken language must be english, for everyone´s understanding.
Understood? Good! Any questions? :))

The cooler the movie, the cooler the scene – the more chances you have for the grand price!
There are several wishpoints to earn, so go go go folks.

Thanks to all my supporters for their rewards, more are welcome at any time!

Every entry shall be rewarded, so don´t be shy and show your talent. Upload your movies somewhere to make them visible for all.

A jury of three grand players will be judging the entries.

Good luck for all!

Questending will be March the 1st.

Cheers Blackwood Forest

PS: See it on my military papers as well.

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