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Lost Scroll Of Hidden Knowlegde


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[size="5"][i]Lost scroll of Hidden Knowlegde[/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]Over the years in every nation there has been people who has known the Hidden Knowlegde and used it to gain power and wealth.[/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]The Hidden Knowlegde has been used by evil and by good and also has the evil used it for doing good and the good used it for doing evil.[/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]The Hidden Knowlegde has no side, it can be used by any who whant to used it.[/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]But now it seems that the scroll has been lost and I Tara want it.*grins*[/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]I dont know if I gone use it for evil ore for good but like said above good can be evil and evil can be good.[/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]And most know I am a lazy demon so if this knowlegde can help me to gain some wealth [b]* [/b]giggles evil* [/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]Find the scroll for me and I might reward you * smiles evil*[/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]*[b]grins*[/b] If you dare PM me in game and I will give the first task.[/i][/size]

[size="5"][i]This quest is only for mp4 and mp5 no alts allowed[/i][/size] and if they think they want to help :P also mp6 *giggles and winks to prince)

[size="5"][i]Whit great thanks to Burns whit out him my quest would looked diferent :P[/i][/size]

edit by me so the rules are totaly clear now :P

Edited by ladytwin
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it seems Burns is helping with many quests around :P

and, no mp6s allowed, or you forgot to mention my kind? :D

edit: thanks for the update... that kind of quests frustrates us mp6s :P discrimination :P

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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[quote name='ladytwin' date='15 February 2010 - 08:10 PM' timestamp='1266264646' post='54552']
[size="6"]and the winners are[/size]

[i][font="Arial, sans-serif"][size="2"]culter nimrodel and bfh they can get their Wp if they find Granos

hoped you al liked the quest


Thanks Lady it was a lot of fun. :D


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