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I love to play MD and i love to be active, however
i have found a partner in the last few weeks and it is hard to spend time together, they are going to be moving away and in the next month i will be spending a lot of my free time with them, After which i hope to resume a few hours a night to play on MD

I work 7am - 3pm at a cafe Mon-fri
now i have started a job mon, wed, thurs 5pm-11:30pm at a pub.
so er yeh 60 hours in 5 days leaves me free for about 2 hours at 12:30 AM - 2:30 AM to play on those weekdays, i dont really need to explain as long as you are aware that i will try to be on all night Tuesday and as much as i can Saturday and Sunday.
too hard to explain and too wierd to expect you to remember lol
but this also means i will be able to save some money to invest in the game, as i feel it is important for the community, and i want cool items and creatures!!
the way i have allways looked at it... some people Buy computer games for their DS,Wii PS2, Xbox and the consoles alone cost money, so i dont think you can call it "sad" to spend money on MD.. Especially as people pay for other online games such as WOW and such. I just spend my money on MD rather then these other methods of Entertainment.

Sorry for not being around too much to speak on a Day to day basis, and i thank you all for being so nice to me and entertining me, talking together, and for the hours where i can spend with you xx

See you soon!! xx (im not going anywhere just wanted to explain x)

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