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The MDNP is running low on its poetry submission and I am really interested in reading the creativity and thoughts as well as feelings from others in the game. Due to my passion I decided to hold a contest, this contest will end three weeks from today. The person with the best poem will win a WP from me. The runners up (how many is compleatly up to me) as well as the winners poem will be published in the next MDNP issue.


1. Must be atleast 100 words long
2. Must be suitable for all readers
3. Must be creative and YOUR OWN WORK

If anyone is caught submitting work as their own and it is not they will be excluded from this contest and any others that I hold. Best of luck and may the most creative and insperational poet win.

Contest Ends at the end of THIS month

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[b]Diana's Dream[/b]

Last night I dreamed
Of jesters and kings,
Of long scarlet carpets
Where the crier doth sing:
"Do not be dismayed,
Scared or afraid.
Her will, be done,
Thy night it shall come!"

Moonlight descends
Upon unholy priests,
On the Well of Tears
Where sip the dark beasts.
Iridescent eyes
Reflecting the skies,
Mother wolf to howl,
Taking pause in her prowl.

Goddess set us free
From the other side,
From the Underworld
Where our spirits abide.
Our bodies shall go,
Unto land so hallowed.
One with the very ground,
Glorious mountains crowned.

As now I dream
Her body into me.
Her spirit abounds,
Blurred is the boundary.
Night it seeks day,
Which is taken away.
Dancing around,
As sky meets the ground.

Shades upon us, see,
Accursed Growth tree -
A part of my home;
A vision e'er so comely.
Sweet dream of mine,
Or am I of thine?
Without, within -
We end where we begin.

A circle to surmise,
Sunset o'er its rise.
Spirals, back to back,
Do dilate and contract.
Breathe life into me-
Out of this box to see;
Within or without -
Busting free, breaking out.


[b]A Traveler's Lamentation[/b]

We venture out of mist
From stories left untold.
A cabin of paper greets us-
A glimmering map of gold.
Keep safe what will guide you,
Sure as the stars are sworn.
Our hearts never to fail us,
Should our wills become worn.

Do end the haunts and horrors
Of the crazy girl in a box?
We are handed now a keyring,
But with keys for unmatched locks.
Journeys throughout each land,
From without as well as within.
Do take to heart this plain advice:
We end where we begin.

Hear out those for to greet
Who will help us not to stray.
But one alone must defeat the bull
Standing firmly in the way.
With courage comes prevalence
In an epic battle under Tree.
A curious sight, upon the wall,
Watches a lazy but veracious Z.

Once our wits they do char
And our hearts begin to swoon,
Up come Shades from the ground-
Are they a bane or a boon?
Thick dust swirls an answer above,
Just like the clouds that do
Become a tempest for us to take.
What for the lands to construe?

Each land does hold a weapon,
Two but unlike the rest,
That share common misfortune
If one decides to best.
Dare not to tarry long in
Fire, water, earth, or air-
For there is only one to balance,
Without the others would not fare.

For each gate we come to pass,
Another plane there is to be.
One is of a trickster God,
In wise words he does decree:
Those that may, those that might,
His warning do not heed,
A spot lay open in the graveyard
Next to ones who forever bleed.

When alas the time has come,
For which open our minds to be,
To pass the Loreroot guardians
And enter land of majesty.
Down trails Raven travels,
Shade of fluttering Oak leaves.
Useful beings are found here
Such as knators, birds, and trees.

Hear! A drunken sailor
Bantering cantankerously.
If cannot be found a ferry to take,
Follow his spirit to sea.
Out across the chasm of wizards,
In mountains of spruce and palm,
Drachorns and magic await you;
Their legends to prove a balm.

Blessed be the elders,
Who have trudged the paths alee.
Blessed be the young ones,
A new perspectives for to see.
Blessed be the musings of,
A magical realm to beguile.
Blessed be the frown
Turned upside down into a smile.

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Vast land of knowledge
wisdom and power
Shielded by guards
of vine, root and flower.
Full of raw life
wild energy surrounds us
The spirit within
is the spirit around us
Oh mother creator
some believe you to be
the one who can help us
The One Spirit Tree
But this forest is alive
and this forest is dead
and as the forests heart beats
ill think of this instead
Syntropy breeds entropy
and balance, life and death
these things are inevitable
and not just for mortals
Deep in your branches, nestled in roots
above in the treetops and under our boots
when we craft the wood to make our spears
in the heart of our enemys and the cause of our fear
in the seeds that we sow
in the arrow and bow
theres one thing that i ask of you, one thing you can show
All around us the secrets you hide
of how you work and how you provide
how we can all live in a seemingly perfect way
so that we learn and grow, be together and play[/center]

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Not 200 words, but specially written for this contest.

Once a goddess named for love’s embrace,
Whose auburn tresses framed her gentle face.
Twice a royal, crowned in barren land,
Left to toil the ground and tend the sand.
I left my love a pain too great to bear.
My sterling dove, what fate becomes the fair?
What deadly tone reviled in loneliness?
The melody, my child, is only this:
The sound of hollow halls and trifled time
Unbound by solid walls and stifled eyes.
It would my deepest sorrow all amend,
Were we to be tomorrow whole again.
With hands entwined as lace but souls unfurled,
to stand in stately grace before the world.
But I left my love, a pain too great to bear,
and it remains too late to find her there.

Edited by Malaikat Maut
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Here is mine, an old but very personal poem I wrote...(I just counted and there are less then 100 words, yeah dont count the angel-repeating but its still part of it - if you dont let it count, its okay for me, sad but ill accept it)

Angel angel

angel angel please don’t die;
angel angel stand up and fly;
angel angel abouve the sky;
angel angel I hear you cry;
angel angel spread your wings;
angel angel you should be proud like thousand kings;
angel angel I hear you roar;
angel angel before heavensdoor;
angel angel im so sorry;
angel angel im guilty for all your worry;
angel angel I look at you;
angel angel wanna have this angel too;
angel angel that im looking at;
angel angel my eyes just says, I want you back;
angel angel the tears ran down on your face;
angel angel turn to stars in outher space;
angel angel the star I see of former time;
angel angel always dreamd you should be mine;
angel angel I killed you hard;
angel angel I broke your heart!
angel angel never forget;
angel angel the time that we together had;
angel angel my last wish;
angel angel please forgive!
angel angel...

Blackwood Forest

Because of the small entry, another on - maybe even MD related? ;)


Once there was but many girls,
A young lady with her twirls,
To lead a story quite solid,
The ladies name there was Marind.

A carnival grown round her round,
To twist her mind with evil sound.
Finally then she changed her mood,
because of the small and wooden cube.

Liquid shadows move around,
In her dreams they even found,
her walking through the md land,
seeking out – a helping’ hand.

Now´s you turn to help that maid,
To uncurse her unknown fate.
Play the game and you will know,
What the future´s going to show.

Blackwood Forest

Edited by Blackwoodforest
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[quote name='gremlin' date='08 February 2010 - 02:49 PM' timestamp='1265658567' post='54105']
well lets make it 100 words and reason being is because I like creativity and no the poems dont have to be MD related

yay! ok now to go find one i want everyone to read...

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The Girl

There lived a yound girl
Whos life is that of a peasent.
She was such an ordianry girl
That no one would consider but that of a peasent.

This girl was a nobody
Yet she was a somebody
Everyone considers her a nobody
Shes consider herself a somebody

Everyone truly ignored her
But she was meant for greatness
Everyone shunned her
For in their eyes there is no such greatness

But the hope is not truly lost
For there is still meaning
BUt only for those that lost
Will there still be a meaning

Now the girl was staring down
towards the mighty land
Now she looks down
And says this is my land

She was never something
that would amaze anyone
For she had something
that will suprise anyone.

She has her looks
She has her brains
But her loooks do not amtter
nor does her brain

What really matters
is that you belive in yourself
She doesnt really matters
It is you, who should belive in yourself

Here my entry :)

The meaning
Was there ever a meaning
so full so true

What is that of a meaning
that holds so true

Yet those manings
are forever lost

For that, that is lost
Holds a greater meaning

Why does man search so greatly
to find meaning when there is none

When the answer is greatly
upon which is none.

There is personally no meaning
because the essense of it is lost

Yet the meaning is still meaning
because man made it lost

Is the meaning of it is lost
where do we find a meaning?

WE do not find what is lost
beacause the meaning is you!

2nd entry :(.

Can we put as many as we want :D. Cause this is fun ^^. and its good for my poetry skills ><.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Did anyone ever considered that this type of contest is a big disadvantage for the players who aren't native speakers of English ?

i bet that many of us wright beautiful poems that when translated into English loose their charm...i wonder what to do ...post mine in in my native language ?
but then again ...how could you judge it ?

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[quote name='Indyra' date='21 February 2010 - 03:15 AM' timestamp='1266740105' post='54877']
Did anyone ever considered that this type of contest is a big disadvantage for the players who aren't native speakers of English ?

i bet that many of us wright beautiful poems that when translated into English loose their charm...i wonder what to do ...post mine in in my native language ?
but then again ...how could you judge it ?
MD is varied enough that there is something for everyone. I've learned to focus on quests that I excel at, and would encourage others to similarly find quests that effectively complement their skill set, language included. Some people don't write poetry at all, others aren't good at math...not every quest will be winnable by every person that it's open to.

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to answer your question Indy thats where there is always more than one judge and if it came down to it I am sure I could find someone to translate for the judges. Language is a barrier but a very small one that is easily passed.

I will keep the contest going till the end of this month no later.

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Over the next couple to few days the poems that ahve been submitted will be judged and I will post the results once the winners and verdict on what to do with the poetry has been decided. Thank you all who submitted your work. I enjoyed them all

Edited by gremlin
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The Results are in.

1st place goes to Asterdai for his poem Loreroot
2nd place goes to Phantom Orchid for her poem Travelers Lamentation
3rd place goes to Malaikat Maut for his poem untitles.

thank you all that submitted poems and all shall be added to the next issue of the MDNP how ever the winning poems will ahve a ribbon next to the poem in the MDNP. When ever the 3 top winners of the contest can please meet me at the Paper Cabin to claim you awards

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