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Happy Birthday

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]*sings* Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Rock! Happy Birthday to You!

May your special day and year be the best ever! :P[/font][/color]

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[b]The Death of a Rocker (and my second life)[/b]

It was a happy afternoon at the beach. We had lots of fun. There were several drinks that day.

It was an abrupt decision last January 30 that instead of going to the National Band Competition (Red Horse Muziklaban Grand Finals), we decided to go to La Union and take a vacation there instead. It was a Band outing. We took the bus and went our way. Once there, we took a long rest because the next day, we will be performing at Toffer's little sister's Junior - Senior Prom. Toffer is the lead guitarist of our Band and is my closest among the band members.

We played so alive during that Prom. We were like celebrities that the audience were asking for more. It was an unforgettable experience.

February 1st came. We were at the beach hanging out at the hot sand and cool air, and drinking our regular bottles of beer. I called up my wife and my daughter that I will come home on February 3rd and be home to celebrate my birthday and my daughter's birthday (We have the same birthday). My daughter was crying when I called them up and she was telling me how she misses daddy. That was a very touching moment. My wife brought up the news that my younger sister passed the Nursing Licensure Examination (Board Exams) and the celebration will be on the 5th. I brought out the news with the guys and we agreed to play during the celebration. I asked Toffer, my Lead Guitarist, to drive me to the bus station for I will go home ahead and have all the equipments set up before the celebration day.

He agreed and we rode the motorcycle, with him in control of the bike. We were speeding the highway when an unexpected incident flashed before our eyes. The next thing I knew, I woke up on a hospital bed with my wife on the chair beside me and my daughter playing with the nurse at the sofa bed. I called up for my daughter and the nurse ran to the door and called up the doctor. My daughter was shouting Daddy so hard that my wife woke up from her sleep. The doctor came in and checked me up. It was then that I saw my left leg and my left arm in a cast. I asked for the date and the doctor told me that it was February 4. I was in a sleep for 3 days.

I celebrated the passing of my sister on her licensure examination, along with my and my daughter's birthday sitting on a wheelchair. Just this morning, All my casts were removed.

As of this writing, I am still on the wheelchair for I still need to have my left leg to get practice walking on a month long PT session which will start next week. and to you Toffer, wherever you are, RIP brother. I will surely miss you!

My Dear Friend and Bandmate
Christopher "Toffer" Hernandez (1986 - 2010)

PS. I can't seem to get online like the way I used to. But I'll try to get online as much as I can for I miss the game so much. Rock and Roll and thanks to all those who greet me here on my birthday.

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