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Wp Quest Details For Festival Of Fun 3


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The overview for the Festival can be found here: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6541-festival-of-fun-3/"]FoF 3[/url]

There are three Quests for WPs in the Festival. Here is the first:

[size="6"][u][b]1 MDoke! (Day 81)[/b][/u][/size]

Like karaoke, only MD themed!

I would like you to write a song about MD, preferably an original, but you can use an existing tune if you want (careful with the copyright -_- )

The song should be recorded, by video or sound file and sent to me in private forum message. I will invite those who enter to a ceremony and fun night where a crowd will watch your entries, I will announce the winners, and then we will have a party where we can share other music.

[size="6"][u][b]2 Creative Writing and Performance. (Day 82)[/b][/u][/size]

Write and perform your stories, poems or lyrics at Willows Walk

The subject matter must be MD related somehow.. and ode to your favourite creature or place, a fun story or account of a good memory of you and your friends. It is an opportunity to share what you love about MD with others and entertain them at the same time.

PM me in the forum if you want to participate.

[size="6"][u][b]3 Challenge the LHOverlord.. (Day 84)[/b][/u][/size]

Time to see if you can get the better of Grido!!

The Challenge will be in two parts. The first will be your chance to challenge Grido with your own questions!

For the first part, write 2 questions each on these subjects:

The AL
Realm History
General MD knowledge (but not about specific players)

Ask here if you wish me to clarify anything, but please apply by forum PM only. Thanks :)

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