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Marind Bell Alliances


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[center][b][size="4"]The Seekers of Enlightenment[/size][/b]


Page 131 [2008-07-16 05:28:55 - The Shade Ballance - Others]
Bound to worship Angiens, The Seekers of Enlightment guild has formed under leadership of *chewett* and represents Marind's Bell. Out of the ruins of the old town there is nothing to defend or to fight for, nothing else but the hope itself that the town will be what it once was. Angiens have lived for so long in Marinds Town but in times of need they did not helped anyone, The seekers believe that they will discover the secrets of the Angiens and understand more about the world. They still represent their only hope and the most decisive advantage against the constant threat of the Shades. Angiens ar dualist creatures, too complex to be understood by any normal human, but understanding them better will unfold secrets about the other parts involved in this, most of all the all feared Shades.

The Seekers of Enlightenment are interested in the existence and workings of the realm itself, especially in Angiens and the mysteries of Marind Bell. Not much remains of the once flourishing town of Marind Bell, not even its real name. Named after its protector Marind in this time the land with its strong protective magic’s symbolizes a tranquil sanctum to many travelers. It is a land rich of secrets, forgotten knowledge and uniqueness.

A few places that come to mind would be Marind's Roundabout: A fountain holding special water- a place for redemption, cleansing and a new beginning. Stairs to Champion's Challenge implying climbing up stairs to higher achievement and new challenges. Angien's Shrine the place where Angiens dwell – mysterious and legendary beings we don’t know what true power or knowledge they might bring. Sage's Keep holding information and knowledge of unknown but possibly immense value. Wind's Sanctuary a colossal place with unearthly architecture. Passage of War with mysterious guardians that won’t let anybody pass and yet with the tunnel being an undeniable connection to Necrovion. Champion's Dome a mysterious vault inaccessible by all, unknown what treasure or danger lies within. And finally a true wonder and legacy of enigmatic power - a huge bell/sphere of light around the entire land of Marind Bell.

If you are interested in the Angiens (their being, nature, ideology, ect), knowledge and understanding of our realm, inner magic and principles, ect the Seekers of Enlightenment and Marind Bell might be your future home and step stone to greater wisdom and perception. The gates are open, the path is laid....walk its trials if you dare.

[b][size="4"]Knights of the Bell[/size][/b]


Traditionally the Knights of the Bell were the elite defending and military alliance of Marind Bell but with more seats available and now as main alliance of Marind Bell another section, the pilgrims, will reside within the alliance as well. Pilgrimage in the Knights of the Bell means a journey to one’s centre and a path to greater awareness. A Pilgrim of the Bell has the ability to listen to the voice of the land and to hear its calling in order to give Marind Bell a new face and identity.

The alliance is built on three pillars: Knights, Squires and Pilgrims. The knight rank will only be given to the strongest and most capable warriors in Marind Bell. It will stand for courage, loyalty, strength, experience, dedication and honor. They wear their badge with pride and guarantee a safe haven for all Marind Bell citizens. The title of squire will be given to those that show great potential but aren’t ready to be a knight yet. Knighthood is their goal and possible future if they master the various trials and challenges that lie before them. A pilgrim will stand for sociability, charisma, friendliness, benevolence, creativity and uniqueness. They have a strong connection to the land and its citizens.

If you feel a sense of belonging to Marind Bell and can identify with the above characteristics the Knights of the Bell is the right place for you. Contact Lifeline to start your journey in Marind Bell and to become part of the Knights of the Bell.[/center]

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