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Bidding Contest


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I got 3 pimped garasans, and will trade them for the LOWEST possible offer.
What that means is up to you, oh needy one.

PM me offers ingame only.


A person may only bid for one pimpy, no more

Title- Bidding Contest
Message type - Quest
Mesages that do not follow this format will be invalidated.

One message per account/No alts please

I will not be entertaining any questions about this.

In case of similar bids, I will only take the first one, the others are neglected, even if the next offers are of higher 'worth'.

[color="#0000FF"]A special shout out to POPPI CHULLOZ for the pimpys! Thanks!![/color]

EDIT: Cleared rules.

Most creative offer gets 2sc

Will run until 25 March, about 16:00 st

Edited by Redd
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The results:

First Place:
Give me the Pimp or I will smack you around the head.
Second Place:
I will trade it for the capital letter "A" inclosed in this message. If you don't want to trade then I would like it back. Thankyou, and I trust you.
Third Place:
[color="#4169E1"]Nylah Raynen[/color]
the lowest that i can offer you is:
*hugs Redd and looks at him with bright eyes*

The idea of this contest is for the participants to be able to offer something that would require them to expend the least amount of effort. Deciding th first and second place was easy, but for the third spot, I had to valuate a code, a link, jokes, etc...

Just to clarify a few things:
1. To those who offered nothing - Note that 'trading' is different from 'giving away'. I should be getting something in return for what I will give you. (I'm supposed to, anyway) For most parts, this sontest is all about word-play. There are ways to offer nothing in a substantial way, and Kyphis did just like that.

2. To those who offer to take my silver, etc.. - Technically, saying that your offer is 'low' is defendable, but for the simple reason that I won't do the trade with you is why you didn't win. The winners will still trade me their offers.(They were supposed to, anyway)

For the most creative offer, the 2 silver coins will go to:

[color="#4169E1"]Lord Beta Wolfeyes[/color]

For the short poem that he wrote.
For the record, I'm not saying that this is the most creative offer I got. There are others that are also very creative. I simply chose it for the effort that he exreted in this contest. Seems I'm not a very good judge in this area. :huh:

To those who participated, Thanks a lot! I enjoyed reading your entries!
(Please close this topic before someone complains! ;) )

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