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I'm running out of Creature slots SO I want to get rid of some of my creatures. If your bids are not high enough for my desires I will Wait more time and get some tokens on the creatures and sell them then !

Creatures & bids :

[s]1. One Unholy Priest -> Age 286 --> 3 Silver coins ( MRG )[/s] --> Sold!
[s]2. One Tormented Soul -> Age 234 --> 6 Silver coins ( SageWoman )[/s] --> Sold!
[s]3. One Tormented Soul -> Age 118 --> 3 Silver coins ( anonymous )[/s] --> Sold!
[s]4. One Pimped Grassan -> Age 87 --> 3 Silver coins ( Johnny Walker )[/s] --> Sold!
[s]5. One Angien Egg -> Age 6[/s] --> Sold!

Edit: [color="#FF0000"][size="7"]TOPIC CAN BE CLOSED NOW![/size][/color]

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[quote name='marleybob' date='12 April 2010 - 02:59 PM' timestamp='1271073565' post='57983']
is the TS still available nd if so what is the price to beat?

ok just noticed that biding ends bout 6th so dw bout it

the ts is still available and you have to beat 3 SCs to get it. That WW is worth 0 to me

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