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Reasons For 'bestest Player'


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Quest over.
As i already told some people at the beginning, i never planned to give out a reward to any winners, but you guys made it even easier: having most nominations and a lot of nice reasons, i declare myself winner of nothing xD

WPs go to Prosvetitelj, Ivorak and Emerald Arcanix, their entries are marked.
Names don't matter, therefore i deleted all nominations and the names of the participants, it's all about reasons.
You may go and critize me, the reasons, and anything else about how i tricked people into sending me opinions, you may also go and add better reasons if you wish.
What it's about, though, at least to me, is that you skim through those reasons, actually read them if you wish and have sparetime, and maybe, just maybe, someone thinks about them and acts accordingly.
Without further additions, here's what people want a good, or even better player, to be like:

I would like to nominate x. She is both a great roleplayer and, as demonstrated by her heads contest win, a great combatant.

But what I would like to point out most is her ability and will to engage any player in meaningful conversation. MagicDuel is a great community, and x leads by example. I am a good friend of x, but she is kind even to my secretive alts. The other day, my MP4 was sitting in Marble Dale Park, when x greeted all those there. My alt's involvement in the conversation resulted in the beginnings of an acquaintance with Felipe Most.

Despite all my accounts and time spent playing MD, I only have a few whom I consider friends, and fewer enemies still. x is a catalyst for interaction, and I consider interaction the heart of MagicDuel.
[color="#FF0000"][reward: WP][/color]

I will vote for myself as being the best of player because I'm very active in comparison to a LOT of veteran players and i do get a lot of loyalty/skills on each day ....

I also do have a NEGATIVE vote to myself also, even if this puts me on the NON winners list , I will also post it :

I could be the biggest active player of ALL If I wouldn't put other things in priority twoards my MD activity. I COuld win ( now ) any contest based on the most active player But i do have either others online games to take care off, either RL issues to take care off now. If I choose MD over those I could be the BEST ACTIVE player there is on MD ! I could even be active for 72 hours STRAIT , no sleep on MD ! I passed once that record before !

Let me know if you need other kind of this message for this quest Burnsy !


My nomination would be x.
My reasons;
1) She works at my school ;p(not really a reason lol)
1) She is a very kind, loyal and fun lady. She does not get angry easily. For instance, when Dst took over the DS, x was trying to rebuild them, then in one day Dst ruined all her work, yet x was still polite and understood her reasons.
2) On my first few days here she helped me with many things, including my role.
x also has helped many people with their papers and she wishes to become an LHO
and finally 3) She is a strong player and is always willing to learn. Whereas some people always have to be right.


First of all: Intelligence. A certain bit of that, or else that person won't even be able to start the computer and/or use internet, or pass the tutorial.

2nd: Communication. Ability to talk to some other players without offending anyone in sight. Preferred if able to listen and ask the right questions, gathering information not always accessible this way.

3rd: Ability to make friends. That's the scariest out of those so far...and probably even of the upcoming reasons. If you can make those people you encounter into your friends, no matter who they are, then life should be easy cake for you.

4th: activity. It's about active players, no?

5th: Something called ambition, but also another skill called caution. You have to want to be good in order to be that, but you have to be careful how you do it.


I want to nominate x, because in the time he's been here he's accomplished more than most people who have been here for over a year, and he's still a nice guy.


In my not so humble opinion, the bestest player is the one who enjoys himself the most, without 'damaging the realm' while doing so. Usually those who receive pleasure from harming others are annoyed at the resistance they meet and don't really enjoy themselves, so the non-damaging condition might be redundant.

Of course, enjoyment is difficult to asses and I don't know half of the active players well enough for it. Are you enjoying MD? You seem to be active, inspired and if you've read this far, you might even be having fun right now. If so, you might count yourself nominated, it's most likely to increase your enjoyment and thus make it a self-fulfilling prophecy!


In my opinion the bestest active player is x.

He has what it takes because:

He is good at RPing, and by that I don't mean he's good at using asterisks. He expresses himself through his actions, at the waterings, when he talks with other people, he makes people think, and that's his role and he performs it well. He knows about fights too, although right now I believe he has given a pause on fighting.
I'm not sure if acts from the past count, but from what I've seen, he's done a great job as an Archivist.
Oh, and he often makes interesting posts about things that people seem to forget: principles, magic, geometrical relations and such.
I am not that good with words, but I really hope he wins this. :)


Ok, so I nominate x (what a surprise huh? :D)
-really intelligent player
-tons of knowledge
-one of the best traders in MD
-he invested no money but he is better then all the others that burned credits in MD
-did i say smart?
-good fighter
-good quester
-<insert all the reasons I cannot think of right now>


Some may think a good player needs high stats, principle, a good roleplaying.

A good player needs to have honor, needs to possess respect.
Needs to be someone that can talk and help everyone without making difference.

Knowledge is power.

If you prove that have knowledges, honor, treat others with respect, have modesty in what you do and think then you are a good player.


IMHO the bestest play is: You! Not you as Burns in specific, you as other player, means every other player itself. Because the best player is the one who plays the game, on the way he likes and the way he is able to do so. The way he differs from others and gets a unique individual and makes the game interesting because of a high player diversity. So I cannot nominate someone in specific by name, the bestest player for me is ever player itself.


Kinda hard to say this player is the best among us. But be be easy for me to answer thsis question lets first think of the reasons i want to see in that person:

1. first of all he/she needs to be a social person, the be able and love to engage in talks, be those chats from the mundane to highest peaks, even if he/she is out of his element on the highest peakes but proves he/she has
2. willingness to learn new things, desire to discover and experiment, the patience to understand
3. the desire and endurance to learn new players how to discover the mysterys of the game and even more the gift to motivate them...and i do not think of LHO’s now
4. sharpness of mind that will allow him/her to engage in solving and making quests and so inspiring others
5. combat is a very big and importand part of the game so this person need to like dambling in the art of fighting(of course for some this is wayy more then dambling)
6. the desire(anc courage) to engage in the working process that is called MD.com

A new player usually has all of this, or better said the desire and ability to engage in all of them simply because he/she has a lot of energy. But as timp goes by and players grow up older they want to be part of the elite. Being elite untimatly is being selfish, focusing on what matters for you.

So what player has as much of the above points?...hmmm....can i nominate you? :)
[color="#FF0000"][reward: WP, also naming the winner... me =P][/color]



a - We're both lazy

g - He's awesome


i would like to nominate : x

for the tutor she made and the help given to me in chat


Almost 30 but pretty serious.
I saw some people keep their quests up on the Quests Page after they came to an end, so i don't know if yours is still up (was retired, sort of) but didn't bother spamming you..consider this an all-around reading that you asked for even if the quest is over - and please pay close attention to what you're about to see. I've put a lot of information backup and organizing into this, because i feel the idea behind it.

There were great many people to chose from, at least from where i stand. I had some fun making a virtual competition in form of MD Champions League to eliminate all but 5. I am well familiar with the fact that we all have only one youth, so worry not - i will give the briefing only. If at any moment you require more in-depth information about anything other than the final score i could reveal it, to you and you alone.

After preliminaries, reasons to drop all the rest were, but not limited to -
1) activity in all it's vastness
2) use of proper English where applicable
3) lack of excessive special characters usage (a lot succumb to this one)
4) overall appearance combined with significant gap in overall score on the board (to cut it short)
5) names! (this one was an eraser as well)
6) alternate accounts activity (brutal one)

The categories from which i derived the (%) of The Bestest MDer(tm) "Dream Team"

were analyzing following aspects (unfocused):
1) Name and all that goes with it (sound, appearance, capitalization..)
2) Avatar/art
3) approximate age
4) roles (number of those)
5) Wish Points (won, rewarded, used, other)
6) Inventory
7) Fame
8) 'behind the lines'
9) relative judgment of things such as common sense, intellect, personality
10) exercised focus
11) coherence
12) width (basically what single person is capable of doing on it's own), and others..

Names are, in alphabetical order (no special signs/intentions relevant):
x, y, z, 1, 2.
The final score is precisely - 2 (72%) and rest of the basketball team (86%) each. I would be pretty satisfied with this if it weren't the possibility that you asked for a single mark. Leaving nothing to the chance, following is a filter with briefing:

x - personality, devotion, spark.
y - mind, light, speed.
z - honor, valor, help
2 - Mur, Mur, Mur
1 - youth, positive, chaos

Now, back to real world. You,my dear LHO could find at least couple of reasons why you shouldn't be on that list. Confrontational interest, brown-nosing, you name it. Again, purely in alphabetical order, i need to take you off the winners list (in case 'there can be only one').
y - well, you did the job partly on your quest page, but it's effects are wider never less.
z had several downfalls, in addition to having a wrong avatar (although ridiculously hot) - down with the King
2 - biggest riddle to me out of the Dream Team..i bet the WP would brighten his day/night, though
1 - now i do know this one person intimately and my vote if so should be goes to him. The fact that i never had been his adept, worshipper, payed escort or similar doesn't affect anything the least bit. I will just mention the last know activity during current quest (if this is a spoiler keep quiet about it please) that coins will go to charity. That word is rarely used on MD, if ever. And to some extent, things around two of us seem to just..occur, which is just another bonus.

So that is it. - 1 -

I hope you had fun as much as i did. No insults intended, this was however deeply honest answer to a serious subject for me. Take care and good luck!

[color="#FF0000"][reward: WP...uh, deleting the names didn't help much on that one >.<][/color]


i'll be short: Today I will vote for x
why ? even if he had to start all over, he became one of the strongest players and he has a lot of friends.
He also knows what is the difference between a feature, a bug and and abuse. He experimented more then most of MD players did and he is in constant look for things that can be done.
(and because I can no longer kick his ass)


The “bestest player”
A good player should:
1. Be capable of reading a combat log
2. Be capable of producing a counter ritual to any non-boost, non-drach rit (yes, against tokens must be in the repertoire)
3. Be capable of coming up with a counter ritual (or 50-50 rit) against any ritual
4. Have a grasp of game mechanics, how do you gain loyalty, what stat influences what? Etc.
A better player should:
1. Be able to give possible creatures in combat from just the log
2. Be capable of producing a counter ritual any non-drach ritual
3. Have a firm grasp of game mechanics, what’s the most effective way to grind x stat?
4. Have some connections enabling to influence the realm (for instance taking over an alliance)
The bestest player should
1. Be capable of producing a possible combat log from just the creatures
2. Be able to produce a counter ritual to any ritual
3. Be able to manipulate the game mechanics (and not be afraid to find the borders)
4. Show off he’s got connections to burn by occasionally influencing the realm
5. Be in the announcements
The “active player”
An active player should:
1. Have 100 AD
2. Be online 1 hour+ a day
A very active player should:
1. Have 200 AD
2. Be online 1 hour+ a day
3. Join in conversation/events/etc. ingame
An active fossil should:
1. Have 400+ AD
2. Be online 2 hours+ a day
3. Have a 5- digit ID
4. Join in conversation/events/etc. ingame

I am capable of producing CL’s one way or another, capable of producing a counter ritual to anything (a guaranteed win in 26 days, not disclosing anything more about that), have shown myself able to manipulate game mechanics, have overtaken… 3 alliances so far and I have been in announcements times. I also play over 2 hours a day, join in any activity I find of interest (habited GoE ftw :D), have 450 AD’s or so and a ID in the 60k range.


I'm nominating x!

because i like puzzles, and he's the greates Puzzlemaker I haver ever met.


I've heard something about *Burns* Quest. They said, it's some kind of nomination.
So I'd like to nominate x. I'm newbie and he helps me a lot.
He answered me all my questions, not only about GGG ....


The very bestest active player would be someone that is of course active, and therefore on most every day. They would be someone who knows their MD information, and would not rely just on heresay or rumors, but would have been there to witness the events firsthand. They would be helpful to the newcomers, knowing how it was when they started out, and be generally nice and polite throughout all their questions. They would be the first to realize something in MD is faulty, and would report it without abusing it...too much :D. They would know the rules and try to follow them to the best of their abilities. They would know the importance of RP, but also the importance that the fighting system has in MD. They would try to be unbiased, yet still have an opinion. Most of the collected MD population should be able to recognize them, and have a positive image of them. To be perfectly honest, I don't think one single person can be classified as the very bestest active player. It is more a collection of them. Only very few have most of these characteristics. The top ones being 5 people. They all have their faults though. I cannot pick between any of them, and there are more that I could mention, but I don't have that much time to. I don't think that there will EVER be a best player, but a few will become very close to being one.
[came in too late, but wouldn't get a WP anyway... that's average, nothing special]

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